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MoE orders Education bureau to stop displacing supervisors

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has ordered the Addis Ababa Education Bureau to halt an ongoing reshuffling process that is said to be demoting supervisors and forcing them to work as school directors and principals, which the Bureau is says to be part of a reform process it is undertaking.

The Ministry has urged the Bureau to restore the supervisor’s to their previous positions; and to do it “immediately”.

The Ministry issued the order after the supervisors lodged their complaints against the measures taken by the Bureau. The Ministry’s guidelines and standards categorize supervisors as career professionals while the other professionals are civil servants.

Dated July 25, 2019, Tsion Teklu, State Minister of Education, wrote a letter, copied to the Office of the Prime Minister, stating that “Supervisors are very capable professionals and considerable resources have gone towards their training. Hence, they should be treated with the same standards as other education professionals who are not career supervisors.”

The letter also states that “the supervisory position should not be open for all. It is against the Ministry’s as well as the Federal Civil Service Commission’s standards.”

In the letter, the Ministry mentions that it has found out that the ongoing reform process has faults; and that it has conducted misguided reshuffling of education supervisors which the government has invested in.

According to the supervisors who have talked to The Reporter on the condition of anonymity, over the past few months, the Bureau has seen-off over 50 education supervisors from various sub-cities to take positions at various schools, where they will be severely underutilizing their capacity and training. In addition, there are also other supervisors who have said they do not know their fates as of now and argues that the Bureau should revise its ill-advised measures which it took under the pretext of a reform.

The Reporter has also learnt that following the Ministry’s instruction the Bureau is yet to formulate a response, and so far, it has not taken any decisions.