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MoFA gets new spokesperson
Nebiat Getachew

MoFA gets new spokesperson

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has appointedNebiatGetachew as its spokesperson. The trilingual veteran diplomat is set to replace MelesAlem who was appointed as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Kenya.

According to the communiqué from the ministry, with Nebiat, the position gets a voice and face with experience that has “several years of professional diplomatic track record.”

Nebiat started his career with the foreign ministry as a young recruit after he earned his degree at the University of Leeds in International Communication as a Chevening Scholar, before becoming a Korea Foundation Fellow and earning a Certificate in Korean Language and Culture, becoming partially fluent in the language.

The father of three eventually became a fast-riser in diplomacy, stationed in several countries, including in Ottawa, Canada as a Minister Counselor for Political and Economic Cooperation at the Embassy and his nations representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal. He was also stationed in Sweden as Charge d’affairs and in South Korea, as a second secretary.

Just before his promotion as the spokesperson to the ministry, he was the Director General for North America, South America and the Caribbean at the foreign affairs office. He also took a tour with the Prime Minister, the latter visiting the United States to lure the Diaspora communities return to Ethiopia as investors,and met with noted opposition leaders.

The symbolic hand over of position between Meles and Nebiat occurred on Friday.