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MoFA set for structural reform, to deploy new staff

MoFA set for structural reform, to deploy new staff

Over 90 long-serving diplomats recalled

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has revealed that it has begun setting a massive structural reform as well as deployments of a new staff that would boost the countries diplomacy to a more advanced level in-line with the country’s diplomatic and security interests in a fast changing global dynamism.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry, Meles Alem, in a press briefing on Thursday said that the main purpose of this Structural Reform and staff deployment is to create a modern 21st century institutions that are able to operate in line with the current progress and status of the country, as well as protecting our national interests.

Along with the structural reforms, the ministry is also introducing new deployments of its staff upon the expected approval from the Office of the Prime Minister.

In this regard, taking into account the current realities of the country; the new measure would help ensure a fast and reliable flow of information, facilitate effective and efficient diplomatic engagements, and to promote and protect our national concerns.

He further noted the changes would provide for an effective and digitalized institution to protect and promote foreign policy goals and national interest in relation to current realities.

Hence, the Management Council of the Ministry, set up with the task of implementing the stated reforms held a meeting on Wednesday.

The Council, chaired by Workneh Gebeyehu (PhD), Minister of Foreign Affairs, has also endorsed the directive and elected seven management and staff representatives tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the new staff deployments, said Meles. 

According to the Spokesperson, the Minister underlined that the deployment of the new staff will be undertaken based on skill and capabilities to deliver and accomplish the country’s Mission while it also helps ensure the national interest “in this complex and changing world”.

For the latest structural reform, the Ministry has explored the experiences of more than 20 countries, and carried out an extensive discussion and deliberations with former and present staffs. This new measure has also been lauded by the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development (MoPSHRD) and was approved by the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Ministry has appointed four State Ministers who will focus on strategic and policy issues together with the Minister. They will be supported by Permanent Secretaries who will be responsible for the day to day operational decisions.

In a related development, earlier on Monday, the Ministry has announced that it had recalled more than 90 long-serving diplomats from various countries.

According to the Spokesperson to the Office of the ministry, the diplomats, who are expected to report to MoFA within two months, served from four to 25 years in Ethiopian embassies and consulates.

Moreover, 130 diplomats were assigned in Ethiopian embassies after receiving the necessary training, said the Office. It further said reassignment of diplomats will be carried out in all embassies and consulates so as to strengthen professionalism.