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Moyale sees another conflict, claims lives

Moyale sees another conflict, claims lives

A clash in Moyale town along the borders of Somali and Oromia regional states has claimed the lives of 34 and has left 161 people critically injured, The Reporter has learnt.

The deadly clash, which erupted between Somalis and Oromos last week, has continued for three consecutive days.

“For a few weeks, the town was more or less stable,” a regional official whose name has been withheld upon request told The Reporter. “It was this week that the clash escalated,” he said.

According to the statement issued by the Oromia Communication Bureau, 13 people on the side of Oromia were killed in Borena, Moyale. In addition, more than 100 civilians were said to be injured following the incident and were taken to hospital.

On the other hand, 21 Somalis were killed and 61 more were also injured, according to the information The Reporter obtained from the Somali Regional State.

In addition to the death and injury caused to people, the bloody conflict has also caused significant property damages.

Following the conflict, towns in Borena Zone saw a demonstration by the public where many asked the government to ensure their safety by bringing law and order.

It is to be recalled that Moyale town witnessed a number of similar conflicts over the past few months.

For instance, back in March 10, 2018, nine civilians in the area were killed and dozens were injured. As the result of this conflict more than 10,000 Ethiopians were displaced to Kenya.

Yet again back in May, 2018 and late December, 2018, the town saw similar conflicts and causalities.  

Following the same incident in late November, the ruling party of Oromia, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) issued a statement, particularly related to conflicts in Chenaksen and Moyale.

In its statement the party said that, “Forces whose interests were compromised because of the current changes and reforms are tirelessly working to destabilize the Oromia Region”. “Their wishes of making Oromia a battle ground will soon be buried,” said the statement.  

In this regard, following the latest conflict in Moyale, Officials of Oromia and Somali are now discussing to resolve the problem where Mustafa Mohammed, vice president of Somali Region is reportedly in Addis Ababa to meet with his counterpart Lemma Megerssa.