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Norwegian minister in Addis to discuss immigration

Norwegian minister in Addis to discuss immigration

Norway’s Migration and Integration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, visited Ethiopia this week to explore ways to curb Ethiopian migrants from coming to Norway and bring rejected immigrants back to Ethiopia.

Listhaug had an audience with state minister of Foreign Affairs Hirut Zemene (PhD) and the leadership of civic organizations, including Save the Children Ethiopia.

The 40-year-old Norwegian Minister known to advocate for ways to end immigration especially those who do not endorse “Norwegian values” and promote immigrants to leave Norway voluntary and not face deportation as a strategy to save money. She has described these values as eating pork, drinking alcohol and having no facial cover to reflect the Christian values of her nation.

According to the Norwegian ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Gaarder, there was no agreement signed while the minister was in the capital on ways to bring rejected refugee claimants home. According to him, there is a separate discussion that is taking place as an effort to renew a just expired agreement to build the mechanism to return failed Ethiopian refugee claimants to the country.

“We cooperate on matters of returnees as part of a broader cooperation on migration between Ethiopia and Norway,” he said. “The minister’s visit was to build a broader strategy to build cooperation and find common opportunities and find lasting solution to the challenges of migration. Migration is a major priority to the government of Norway.”

He described the minister’s visit as a way to highlight the important role Ethiopia plays on the issue of migration, as a transit nation with an open door policy to refugees and sender of migrants.“

In a related news, Donald Trump  sent an open invitation to Norwegian immigrants in substitute to immigrants that are coming to the United States from mostly African nations that he described as “shithole countries”.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is known to echo the controversial president on a slew of issues, including on immigration and world affairs. The Scandinavian nation that once enjoyed a reputation for its progressive liberal values has now replaced its shadow self by leaders who advocate for a protectionist society.