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Orbis wins bid to supply 24 mln birr TV equipment to HPR
Parliament agrees with EBC to use its Earth Station

Orbis wins bid to supply 24 mln birr TV equipment to HPR

Parliament TV to go on air via EBC’s earth station

With a view of improving filming and documentation of legislators in session, the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has awarded a private company to deliver a 24 million birr worth HD cameras, to go on air in a few months, The Reporter has learnt.

According to officials, the Parliament’s Secretariat has recently selected a private company called Orbis Trading and Technical Center Share Company, to supply the equipment manufactured by Bosch – a German company based in Stuttgart.

According to sources, Orbis has won the bid to supply the equipment, specifically, Beta Canon with a financial outlay of 24 million birr.

It was noted that the newly-ordered equipment is going to replace the existing cameras that were installed inside the main Convention Hall. The move, according to sources is ‘aimed at re-branding the parliament’s regular activities.’

Installed some 25 years ago, the existing cameras are outdated and analogues in type. “With the advancements in technology and digitalization of satellite TV services, the existing cameras needed to be replaced with HD cameras to film meetings and deliver high quality video production required by the latest satellite TVs,” a source, who requested anonymity, told The Reporter.

Housed inside the main building of the parliament [located on the back side of the assembly hall], the furnishing of the studio facility which consists of a live transmission center, production room as well as a make-up room is “almost” completely built.

Similarly, the audio visual system has so far been changed to a digital system with the installation of microwaves which would later enable it to broadcast. In addition, The Reporter has been informed that the parliament has so far spent over five million birr for furnishing and equipping the studio.

However, according to sources, the studio products or the live transmissions of the legislative meetings could not be directly aired from the parliament’s own studio, since the parliament has does not have its own Earth Station.

Earth stations consists of a reflector antenna (or parabolic dish), a feed system to send and receive the RF carrier, data handling equipment and mechanical tracking equipment to keep the satellite within the antenna’s data send/receive area.

Hence, the parliament has recently secured an agreement with the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) to use the latter’s facility [Earth Station], sources told The Reporter.

The Reporter has also learnt that EBC has a large Earth Station with the capacity to transmit eight channels to a satellite at once. Out of the eight-channel transmitting capacity it has, EBC’s station is currently using only three [airing the daily transmission of etv-News SD, etv-Languages and the entertainment version of etv-Meznagna].

The Reporter understands that the said agreement entered between the parliament and EBC, is on cooperation bases. This means that the former is using the latter’s facilities free from any service charges.

Despite the efforts made to solicit further information regarding EBC’s free services, The Reporter was unable to get an official confirmation from both institutions over their agreements and cooperation.

Sources speculate that EBC’s free service may be related to the institutional arrangement, citing the state broadcaster’s accountability to the parliament, and to deliver such kinds of service to the parliament.

The German manufacturing and technology giant will provide the necessary equipment’s as per the agreement through its local partner, Orbis Trading and Technical Center Share Company.

According to the company’s profile, Orbis Trading and Technical Center Share Company, currently engages in supplying businesses Access Control Systems, Communications Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Management Software, Public Address as well as Video Systems.