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Oromia police arrest Lidetu Ayalew
Lidetu Ayalew

Oromia police arrest Lidetu Ayalew

The founder and former president of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Lidetu Ayalew, was arrested earlier yesterday in Addis Ababa by Oromia Police, in relation to the recent chaos which occurred following the death of Hacahalu Hundessa, President of the party Adane Tadesse, told The Reporter.

According to the President, the arrest warrant was issued by the police of the Oromia Regional State to detain him on July 10, 2020, and the arrest is the result of the warrant. Lidetu is accused of coordinating and financially supporting the recent chaos in Bishoftu the Adana explained.

The President recalls that he received a phone call from Lidetu to tell him that Oromia Police surrounded his home located in Bishoftu and was suspecting that they are going to detain him; however, to the contrary, the police told him that they are there to protect him and transported him to Addis Ababa. Once he was transported to Addis Ababa he was engaged in his own activities and even traveled to Lalibela and continued business as usual, the President further explained. To this effect “we are so confused in regards to the arrest,” Adane told The Reporter.

 Lidetu, a controversial politician, was very vocal and critical of the incumbent regime and repetitively proposed the formation of a transitional government in an effort to avert the political problems of the country.

His party, EDP, recently singed an agreement of cooperation with two other political parties and manifested that its core struggle agenda is the establishment of a transitional government.