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Ousted AEUP leadershiprejoins

Ousted AEUP leadershiprejoins

The Executive Committee of the All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) has unanimously decided to reunitewith the ousted leadership of the party headedby Mamushet Amare and et al.Subsequently, the two sides have agreed to work together and strengthen theirpolitical struggle so as to address the questions and demands of the public.

The two sides heralded their reunion and their agreement to work together once more in a press conference held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019,at the headquarters of the party located around Tewodros Square.Current and former Chairmen of the party,BezabehDemisse (PhD) andMamushet Amare,and senior members from both sides announced their reunion appearing together before the press.

The President of the party stated that the effort to reunite the two leaderships was spearheaded by a Committee of four members,pulled from the party, and the recent agreement is the result of the recommendation by thisCommittee.

Both Bezabeh and Mamushet stated that the agreement to reunite, which was achieved after careful discussions and negotiations, is a very crucial move to realize the goals and objectives of the party. It further calls upon other like-minded individuals and party members to join and support the party. 

“This is a very important juncture to consider working with parties which have similar national agenda as AEUP; than forming an alliance with ethnic interests. AEUP is one of the parties that propagate citizen politics,” chairman of the party further stated.

Similarly “the measures taken to narrow the gap between the leaderships andaddressing disagreements once and for all, at this critical time, is very important to protect the sovereignty of the country from ethnically organized political groups,”  former Chairman,Mamushetunderscored.

The party was initially established as a regional party and named after All Amhara Unity Organization (AAUO)by the late surgeon AsratWoldeyesin 1992. Later on, the party transformed itself to a national party and renamed itself as the All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) in 2003. The party is also one of the four parties that founded the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD).