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Overseas employment gets green light
There are more than 90 applicants awaiting licenses to work as an overseas employment agency in Ethiopia

Overseas employment gets green light

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) announced that overseas employment is going to begin soon with 20 agencies licensed to send employees to Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan. This came days after Alemayehu Tegenu, minister for Cabinet Affairs with the Office of the Prime Minister, told The Reporter that the government has lifted the four-year-old ban on overseas employment originating from Ethiopia.

This was disclosed this week on a press conference given by the State Minister Misganaw Admassu (Amb.), Human Resource Director Abebe Haile and Overseas Employment Director Berhanu Abera with the MoLSA. The ministry licensed the 20 agencies out of the 923 that applied to operate in Ethiopia as an overseas employment agency.

It was announced that there are talks with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to sign an agreement to provide for employees to be able to go and work in the UAE; however although an agreement has been signed with Saudi Arabia, employees will only be able to go there after the agreement is ratified by the parliament.

According to the proclamation which provides for foreign employment operations in Ethiopia, any company that is looking to be engaged in overseas employment sector should make a deposit of USD 100,000 as collateral for damages that the employees might face while working abroad. Hence, the ministry affirmed that the licensed agencies have already fulfilled the required prerequisites stated in the proclamation.

Apart from this, the ministry also announced that the revocation of the licenses of 97 employment agencies engaged in improper practices and which had received warning more than three times to that effect.

It was also indicated that 40 technical and vocational training institutes have already been selected to train workers that seek to travel abroad for employment.

The Ministry that amended the overseas employment proclamation to meet the growing demands and to prevent citizens from getting into trouble for going overseas to work without the proper documentation has now established two departments to monitor overseas employment sector. These structures of the Ministry have also stretched to the regions.

Consequently, the ministry announced that there are more than 90 applicants awaiting licenses to work as an overseas employment agency in Ethiopia.

For employees to work overseas, they at least need to reach grade eight level and take vocational trainings as well as pass competence test, according to proclamation. The vocational trainings are focused on the political social and economic situations of the destination countries. These travelers will be taking the training for one to three months.

In order to give services for these travelers, as they will require health certification to be eligible for traveling, 66 health institutions have also been selected in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.