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Peace forum commend Abiy, changes in Ethiopia

Peace forum commend Abiy, changes in Ethiopia

The first edition of the Paris Peace Forum ended on a high note, with an array of world-leaders, Nobel Peace Prize winning activists, heads of important and vital institutions and delegates from dozens of countries attending and addressing the gathering and help find practical solutions to the world’s leading problems.

“Peace is not just the suspension of war. It is made up of all the solutions that help minimize international tensions: cooperation to fight climate change and resource scarcity, institutions to channel power rivalries and administer global public goods, justice to assuage grievances and frustration, regulation to address inequalities and abuses of power” – the forum announced at the beginning of the event, help in the backdrop of the day marking the First World War armistice centenary and a stone throw away from La Grande Halle de La Villette, where it was held.

“Ethiopia is a great example of why we are here, helping create a society that is fair and just,” former Irish President Mary Robinson of Ireland said. “I am most impressed with what is happening there and it should be promoted and supported even more”.

Throughout the gathering, there was much mention of Ethiopia and its 42-year-old prime minister, Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau addressed him briefly, after being on a panel with other heads-of-states, including the President of Senegal and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nadia Murad.

“I recently had a conversation with him. I am most excited with where Ethiopia is headed and impressed by how much it is progressing with gender parity in its government,” he said. “I will soon be coming to Ethiopia.”

Known to be a different gathering that those conducted in other places with lofty goals and vision, the Paris Peace Forum intends to be unique and promote practical solutions to complex world issues. “The Paris Forum is neither a summit nor a conference”, the organizers said. “It is a new annual event based on a simple idea” international cooperation is key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace”.

Offering an open call from individuals and organizations for a chance to be mentored, championed and funded by the forum for projects that would eventually benefit the public, the organizers heard form 900 such actors. Out of these 119 were invited to attend and offer their
ideas to a committee.

Out of these, 10 were chosen, including a cooperation effort by the European and African Unions to help empower youth via AU-EU Youth Hub.

The Paris Peace Forum’s Selection Committee received close to 900 applications from 116 countries. Among them, 119 projects were
selected to be showcased at the first Paris Peace Forum, taking place from 11 to 13 November 2018 at La Grande
The brain child of French President, Emmanuel Macron, the champion of liberalism and an integrated society, it’s envisioned to be as a road-map to help promote peace in the world.

“Let us never be sleepwalkers in our world, let us always be vigilant”, he said.