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Philippines to have its diplomatic presence in Ethiopia
The new ambassador of the Philippines to Ethiopia

Philippines to have its diplomatic presence in Ethiopia

The Republic of the Philippines is set to have its first diplomatic presence in the capital. 

Sulpicio M. Confiado, the current Ambassador to Egypt has been sworn in to represent his nation’s interest in Ethiopia. This comes as the Southeast Asian island nation of a 100 million people is looking to expand its relationship with Ethiopia, in areas of manufacturing, mainly pharmaceutical, food processing and in the education sector. 

“We wear our hearts on our sleeves wherever we go and we carry the Philippines in us and we see much potential in our bilateral relationship between my nation and Ethiopia,” the ambassador told The Reporter. “Remember, the first of the Filipinos coming to Ethiopia began in 1977, as many came to help in the educational sector. After 42 years, here we are trying to re-engage and start the historic relationship.”

The ambassador said that the small Philippine population, estimated to be just less than 1000 in Ethiopia, is mostly involved in areas of nation building mostly with the Educational Institutions, the United Nations agencies and in the railway sector.

Ethiopia has tried to emulate the success of the Philippines in areas of migration, diaspora engagement, manufacturing and vocational training. This comes as Ethiopia attempts to become a middle-income nation by 2025 and the Ethiopian government employees continue to travel to the nation for training and exchange of learned experiences. 

“As you know the Philippines have a large segment of its population scattered all around the world. While I note the small population in Ethiopia, there is much we can work towards and promote, having a direct flight with Ethiopian Airlines, we can promote tourism and let our relationship grow, by one person, one institution, at a time,” said the ambassador, at a reception held in his honor at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 

In the capital and leading a delegation of diplomats, the ambassador also had an audience with the leadership of the Ethiopian foreign ministry.