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Plan international targets gender equality

Plan international targets gender equality

Plan International Ethiopia is set to collaborate with Girls Get Equal (GGE), the world’s biggest global campaign,demanding power, freedom and representation for young girls and women. The new campaign is to complement an international effort of Plan International, calling for gender equality and the feminist agenda.

“Empowering girls empowers all of us,” the CEO of Plan International, Anne-BirgitteAlbrectsen declared. “However, girls cannot achieve all their potential in an empty stomach.”

At an event held at the Hilton in the capital on Wednesday, according to Plan – known within Ethiopia on development work in areas of Child Protection, Education and Food Security, among others – the initiative is to help highlight how, “Girls and women have always been undervalued, undermined and underestimated in almost every community globally. This left them to be victims of violence, discrimination and outdated rules that deny them power and limit their freedom, which is unacceptable at all.”

In related news, the African Child Policy Forum was held in the capital on Thursday, highlighting the need to end hunger within Ethiopia. An initiative of the African Union, Child Fund of Canada, Plan International and the United Nations, it had among its speakers, Sahle-Work Zewde, the President of Ethiopia.

“I dream of an Ethiopia, an Africa, where it is peaceful and where no child goes hungry,” she said adding,“An Africa, where no mother buries her son, not because of hunger only, but because no one cares. We should care”, she warned. “As a mother, I say, no mother should bury her child as a result of hunger. Child hunger is a moral challenge to us all.”

While the African continent has shown improvement of its social safety net, according to the African Child Policy Forum – a self-described independent Pan-African institute of policy research and dialogue on the African Child – the issue remains a concern and is still widespread throughout the continent.

“We have to view hunger as a human rights issue,” said Patrick Canagasingham, the CEO of Child Fund Canada, and the main sponsor of the gathering.