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PM Abiy’s day with opposition
From left: Beyene Petros (Prof.), Merera Gudina (Prof.) and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD)

PM Abiy’s day with opposition

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) met and discussed with members and leaders of opposition political parties who have returned home and those who are conducting their political activities in the country following the call by the PM during his inaugural speech back in April.

The discussion between the PM and the leaders of different political parties was held on Tuesday at the PM’s office; the two sides discussing various issues with the PM presenting a three-stage plan. The discussions included ways to reform the electoral system, how to make the upcoming general election free, fair, democratic and credible; and matters to be conducted post election period.

In this regard, the prime minister stated that the meeting with opposition parties is intended to create a conducive environment enabling all political actors contribute their share in the democratization process of the country.

At this stage, according to the PM, all political parties will engage in the discussion and deliberate on various issues related to the political landscape of the country and other related issues pertaining to political activities.

Stage two will also focus on how to deal with the upcoming general election and focus on strengthening the capacity of the election board going further on how to amend the laws and regulations that govern the election board.

The third stage is all about the post-election period emphasizing on how to install a political system that can accommodate any kind of election results strengthening the democratization process of the country.

Though the prime minister presented his plan to members of the opposition, the leaders of the opposition were busy in raising issues which are not directly related to the points raised by the PM. Abiy stated that issues of all types that are concerns of the parties can be submitted to the election board and the board can categorize the questions and present the questions on the next meeting. Members of the opposition were asking questions related to constitutional amendment, law and order, the postponement of election and the like.

After listening to the same and repetitive questions, the PM again stressed that the parties submit all their questions to the election board which is chaired by the newly appointed Birtukan Mideksa. Hence, apart from collecting questions from the parties, it is also expected to prepare a rule that will govern the discussion onwards. All participants agreed to this initiative and agreed to submit their questions to the board and meet for further discussions shortly.