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PM names DTF Advisory Council

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has decided to set up an Advisory Council composed of 15 members for the newly instituted Diaspora Trust Fund (DTF) in order to garner the maximum possible support from the diaspora as well as ensure accountability and transparency of the implementation.

According to a letter Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff of the PM, posted on his twitter account, the “Advisory Council is expected to [devise] a comprehensive plan for the Fund including mechanisms to ensure high level accountability and transparency, project selection criteria for the funding and identification of practical means to generate wide public support for the Fund among the Ethiopian diaspora. The Council also plans to seek input from the Ethiopian diaspora to make sure that their ideas are incorporated in the establishment and administration of the fund.”

This is the second Advisory Council that the PM announced recently, the other one being the 21-member committee established to advise the full or partial privatization of some of the major state-owned enterprises in Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that the PM called up on the diaspora to contribute a dollar a day to support their country which was reinforced during his six-day visit to the US in July.