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PM’s brothers vies for AAU presidency

PM’s brothers vies for AAU presidency

Twenty two applicants including Fikre Dessalegn (Prof.), the younger brother of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, are competing for the presidency of Addis Ababa University.

Fikre, 49, who is currently the president of the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU), was appointed by Prime Minister Hailemariam, as per the recommendation of the board of ECSU, which mostly come from the executive body of the government.

Since last year, Fikre, a professor in Plant Ecology and Systematics, was at the height of his academic career, leading an institution which aims to transform Ethiopian civil service

Addis Ababa University – as of last week – announced that it has finalized receiving job applications from interested applicants for the position of president.

Following this, the University in its official statement stated that it will evaluate the applicants.

This new way of selecting presidents became effective as of this year.

It is to be recalled that previously presidents of public universities were directly selected and the position was not open for all applicants. The Ministry of Education had the mandate to appoint presidents as per the recommendation of the board of directors or trustees of public universities who are mostly ministers and regional states presidents.

Since the introduction of the new way of selecting presidents, Bahir Dar University was the first to apply the new system.

Based on the evaluation results, which mostly emanate from track records, educational backgrounds and professional experience of the applicants, the Ministry of Education will have the final power to endorse the successful nominee. 

Among the applicants, dozens are currently working at the AAU in different fields while the rest came from other institutions both from Ethiopia and abroad. The Reporter has learnt that non-Ethiopians have also applied for the position.

Established almost six decades ago, AAU – the first higher education institution in Ethiopia – has seen ten presidents so far.