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Police briefly arrests Chinese national involved in work place brawl  
The conceptual design of the HQ of OBN

Police briefly arrests Chinese national involved in work place brawl  

A Chinese citizen was briefly taken into custody by the Addis Ababa Police after getting into a confrontation at the newly built headquarters of the Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN), last Friday. The confrontation happened between a laborer and the project manager Wu Zuru, an employee of the Chinese State Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC), whom the later knocked out unconscious and left him at the mercy of his colleagues.

The victim, Abebe Ayalew – a 21-year old – was a recently fired employee of the Chinese State Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC) and Zuru is a project manager of the 1.45 billion Birr complex inside a spacious 4,893sqm of land.

At Zewditu hospital, doctors took an hour to revive him and then sent him to Wudassie Diagnostic Center for a further examination.

CSCEC is known to have won the endorsement of a number of landmark projects within the capital, including that of the headquarters of the African Union, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, and the Adey Abeba Stadium.

It was last year at the newly built Adey Abeba Stadium the company had its major setback, when a makeshift dormitory it allowed to be built inside the stadium caught fire and had seven people die and dozens with severe burns. The embassy had called a meeting in the midst of bad media coverage and warned all its actors within Ethiopia to adhere to the nation’s norm and regulations onwards.

Wang Jnn, the Engineer at the site confirmed to The Reporter that the incident happened, however, downplayed the severity of it. “It was more of a hug push, than anything,” he said.

For CSCEE, the latest contract to build the headquarters of OBN was achieved through the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa. The Reporter reached out to Liu Yu, from the Commercial section of the embassy. “While I do not know about the specifics of the case, I can tell you, there are a lot of rumors about Chinese workers in the nation and we ask all our citizens to follow the guidelines of (your Prime Minister) and we will defend the rights and privileges of our citizens,” she said.

The company promised to share copies of the results from Wudassie with The Reporter, in order to determine the severity of the injuries to the victim, however as of press time, that did not happen.