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Political Parties in Oromia region agreed to work together
Prime Minister and chairperson of ODP, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) highlights the importance of working together.

Political Parties in Oromia region agreed to work together

Political parties currently operating in the Oromia Regional State have signed an agreement of cooperation which will allow them to work together in various areas including political activities in the region and beyond.

Political Parties in Oromia region agreed to work together
Political Parties agree to work together.


The agreement was signed on Tuesday October 1, 2019 in the presence of the chairperson Of the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Prime Minister of the country Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and his party deputy Lemma Megerssa, who recently left the Oromia Regional State where he served as the president since the reform to take a role as Minister of Defense, one of the high-profile ministerial positions in the federal government.

The event was also attended by Dawud Ibsa, Chairperson of the Oromia Liberation Front (OLF), Merera Gudina (Prof.), Chairperson of the Oromia Federalist Congress (OFC), Lencho Leta, Chairperson of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), and other notable leaders of parties operating in the region.

During the event, PM Abiy highlighted the importance of working together and called upon the leaders and representatives of the regional parties to transform their views and conduct their activities rationally. The premier also underscored the importance of civilized discussion so as to achieve respective goals.

Concerning the upcoming general election, the premier guaranteed for the participants that the election will be transparent, democratic and fair which will also create an opportunity for the public to vote for their choice freely.

The Premier also emphasized about the importance of creating a unified party so as to address and deliver on the questions of the public and called up on the parties not only to operate in the region.

Subsequently, the parties agreed to work together for the best of the Oromo people and form an umbrella consortium that will bring together all political parties in the region to undertake different activities that will help the people of the region which is expected also to serve as an instrument to resolve disputes and conflicts that may arise between the political parties.