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Proper governance essential for generational succession!

Proper governance essential for generational succession!

Ethiopia is presently undergoing a transition in its history the likes of which it has rarely experienced. Its citizens must contribute their share if the transition is to be peaceful, democratic and institutionalized. The transformational change the country is on the cusp of demands possession of the requisite knowledge, wisdom and diligence. Strong institutions and the rule of law are the foundational pillars on which Ethiopia’s transformation from a poor and backward polity to a democratic and prosperous nation is based on. The single worst flaw of the various governments which have ruled Ethiopia ever since it became a nation state is their failure to establish strong and independent institutions. They are incapable of delivering the kind of service they are mandated with without regard to a change in government and as such are the major source of the ills that have befallen and continue to befall the nation. Inasmuch as a country rises to greater heights when it is governed properly, it is doomed to founder if it is poorly governed.

Recent developments portend a bright future for Ethiopia. The overwhelming popular support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is enjoying is proof that the people stand behind their government when it endeavors to serve them as best as it could. A government that is able to rally the public behind it can not only succeed in bringing about peace and development, but also lay the foundation for a durable system of governance. If the government is dedicated to strengthening institutions and upholding the rule of law as it discharges the duties entrusted to it, the dividend are set to be manifold. To wit the people it governs will be more productive; lay the foundation for a democratic order; engage actively in eradicating poverty; do away with internecine conflicts; resolutely combat corruption and other illicit practices and produce a generation steeped in morality and a sense of patriotism. A society can fulfill the ideals it aspires for insofar as it is committed to make the necessary sacrifice for its nation. Ethiopia is no different. The public can display the willingness to make this sacrifice if and when it is properly governed.

As a patriotic people nothing is of more paramount importance for Ethiopians than the very survival of their beloved country. They long to see Ethiopia symbolize peace, prosperity and democracy on the African and the global stage. Needless to say this wish may come true when they co-exist in peace, love and unity. Ethiopia has no use for individuals who extol the virtues of external adversaries while disparaging fellow citizens; salt away overseas money robbed from the poor; ill-treat their subordinates while making themselves out as champions of workers’ rights and groveling to their superiors; and wax eloquent about human rights and morality while perpetrating egregious abuses and immoral acts. Opportunists riding on the coattails of the architects of the change underway in Ethiopia are mercilessly skewering anyone who does not subscribe to their view as well as spewing hatred and poisonous racial rhetoric. These acts go against the love, forgiveness and “synergy” Prime Minister Abiy is promoting. It’s irrational to be governed properly when a good leader comes along.

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant resources. The youth account for over 70 percent of its population with an estimated 30 million attending elementary to university level education. The country has considerable minerals as well as oil and gas, possesses vast arable land and water resources, a favorable climate, and plenty of tourist attractions which are superior to that of other African nations. Had we been blessed with strong institutions and a visionary leadership Ethiopia would never have been synonymous with poverty. Now that we seem to be awakening from our slumber it’s high time to deliberate on how to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. If Ethiopia is fortunate enough to be the epitome of good governance thanks to the competent leadership of its sons and daughters, democracy and prosperity will not remain a distant dream. That is why it is incumbent on all Ethiopians to be mindful of the fact that we cannot afford to waste time as we are wont to and hence make every effort to build a country that is properly governed and thereby take it to the next level. We should not delude ourselves that any other viable option.

If the change Ethiopia needs is to be properly managed it should be undergirded by the rule of law. is For the people to properly follow the lead of their rulers a country has to have properly run institutions which obey and enforce the law. When change is managed with rational and learned minds it will not be undone by rashness or ignorance. Ethiopia may break the vicious cycle gripping it through the delivery of an effective leadership governed by the rule of law. Peace, prosperity and democracy cannot fall from the heavens like manna. No country epitomizes more than Ethiopia that a country which is bereft of a far-sighted and sensible leadership is apt to miss opportunities. If anything history has taught us it’s that Ethiopia has unnecessarily suffered a lot due to the uncanny frequency with which it spurns chances. Therefore, if the winds of change blowing in Ethiopia are to stay on course and yield the intended outcome it is imperative that cooler and learned minds prevail.

The people of Ethiopia deserve to enjoy the fruits of peace, justice, free and prosperity. This fundamental right may be fully exercised by transitioning from an impulsive to an institution-based rule. It’s when we, as a nation, begin to strengthen institutions rather than idolize individuals that true change can take place. As institutions are allowed to operate independently and within the bounds of their remit justice the rule of law, democracy and justice will be that much closer to becoming a reality. Otherwise, they will be hijacked by individuals who have an axe to grind and no qualms about wrecking the lives of millions to achieve their evil agenda. Such unpleasant prospect calls for a concerted effort on the part of all citizens to ensure that the government does a proper job of governing. This is the only way that Ethiopia can survive for succeeding generations!