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Public uncompromising on nation’s survival!

Public uncompromising on nation’s survival!

The news emerging from some parts of Ethiopia is stocking apprehension over the country’s political future. The actions of a handful of narcissistic and myopic compatriots are fueling conflicts and tension. A people who have an uncompromising stance on their nation’s survival Ethiopians are patiently following all that is transpiring. Elements adept at spewing poisonous rhetoric rather than advocating for peace and stability, power mongers salivating at the prospect of assuming office through the barrel of the gun rather than the consent of the electorate, and vile individuals bent on wreaking havoc by exploiting centuries-old grievances are sowing the seeds of destruction. Forces disrupting the relative peace prevailing in Ethiopia by instigating conflicts which are keeping both federal and regional security forces busy are leaving no stones unturned to turn the country into a war zone. If prompt measures are not taken to uphold the rule of law and bring these forces to heel the future will not bode well for all. Ethiopians should join hands to stop futile attempts to drag the country back into the quagmire it’s endeavoring to extricate itself from instead of mobilizing the masses in deepening the democratic reforms underway, 

One of the examples often cited in support of the supposition that Ethiopia is an unlucky nation is its inability to exploit the numerous opportunities that have come its way. Chief among these is the February 1974 popular revolution, which was prematurely aborted by know-it-all elites. There is no denying that this epoch-making revolution veered off track and was hijacked by a military junta due to the mindless bickering of the elites of the time. Self-centered individuals and groups driven by selfish interest are precipitating a similar turn of events which are threatening the very survival of the nation. The perpetration of destructive acts to destabilize Ethiopia and make life an ordeal for the people as opposed to exerting a concerted effort aimed at laying the democratization process on a solid foundation is a cause for alarm. As the public knows well who these forces are it has the obligation to stop them in their track without delay.

Responsible politicians are duty-bound to commit themselves to peaceful and democratic elections by accommodating ideological differences in a civilized manner; it’s a sign of backwardness to roil the nation by exacerbating problems that had accumulated for ages. Inciting intercommunal strife between communities which had co-existed harmoniously, blowing momentary disagreements that may be resolved through discussions into full-blown skirmishes as well as deceiving a generation of youth that had paid with their lives to end tyranny into participating in deadly turmoil is inimical to the public interest. Refusing to lay down arms despite claiming to be committed to the peaceful pursuit of one’s objectives belies the existence of a hidden anti-people agenda. Shedding crocodile tears while beating the drums of war is a zero-sum politics that is bound to be exposed sooner or later for the hypocrisy it is. The public ought to closely monitor and lay bare this duplicity; it must never allow itself to be duped or used as cannon fodder at the hands of unscrupulous characters.

There abound behind-the-times politicians who need to be retired from Ethiopian politics straightaway. These can be divided into two categories. The first consists of those stubbornly stuck in the past and are unwilling to learn from their mistakes. They are unqualified to lead the present generation on account of the fact that they have contributed nothing of note to alleviate the plight of fellow citizens. In short they should go. The second category is composed of individuals who not only have been found woefully wanting in keeping up with the times, but also pose a threat. They will not hesitate to use every opportunity that comes their way to instigate unrest. Innocent civilians have been killed, injured and displaced from their homes owing to conflicts they inflame both directly and through proxies. Given their autocratic predisposition they are unconcerned about the humanitarian toll of their actions and policies. Moreover, they are adept at chicanery and the politics of scheming; they care only about accomplishing their goal regardless of the consequences for the nation and its people. Therefore, it’s imperative that the public watches out vigilantly to repel attempts to unravel Ethiopia’s unity.

“Elites” who owe the duty of using the reforms underway in Ethiopia as a pillar for the process of democratization are peddling blatant lies which are liable to precipitate instability. In particular double-faced social media “activists” are working hard at eroding the social fabrics that hold Ethiopians together. Rather than leveling constructive criticisms and generally acting as a force for good they are intent on compounding manufactured problems to unsettle the government and compatriots genuinely desirous to serve the public. This is not how one should go about garnering public support. And even if it succeeds it is destined to be short-lived. The only option that will work is to enable the people of Ethiopia enjoy the fruits of democracy, peace and prosperity. Trying to usurp power or expanding one’s sphere of influence through extra-constitutional means is apt to culminate in failure. History is replete with examples of rulers which came to an ignominious end after treading this path. Ethiopians are uncompromising when it comes to defending their beloved nation’s survival. Anyone jeopardizing the country’s unity is embarking on a collision course with its people. That is why it is of the essence to seize with both hands the opportunity that the ongoing reforms in Ethiopia offer.