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Public universities rocked by violence

Public universities in different parts of the country were rocked by violence this week following the tragic killings of two students in Woldiya University.

In what is feared to be an ethnic induced clash between students on November 9, 2019 late in the evening within the university grounds, dozens of students have also suffered injury from beatings.

This was again followed by similar clashes in different universities particularly in Amhara and Oromia regional states. According to statements from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, universities namely Metu, Jimma, Medawelabu, Debre Tabor, Wello, Dembi Dollo, Dire Dawa, as well as Debre Brehan, also saw similar clashes between students.

In the middle of the week, the Ministry has also announced that a third student from Debre Berhan University was killed.

The Ministry has also said public consultations in different universities are taking place in order to calm the situation.

These clashes came just weeks after tragic incidents in Oromia, Harari as well as Dire Dawa. It can be recalled that 86 people were killed. From this, 82 were men and the rest women.

The recent clash was triggered following a protest in Oromia where thousands of young men took to the streets after Jawar Mohammed, an influential political figure said in his Facebook post that police has surrounded his house. Just hours after thousands of youths rushed to his house to offer him their protection.

Similarly, protests took place in different towns of Oromia. In this regard, cities such as Jimma, Shashemene, Dodola, Bale Robe, Adame as well as Harar saw public demonstrations.

Moreover, angry protestors in Deer, a town in East Harerge, expressed their anger against the government by burning the newly released book of PM Abiy Medemer.

These protests have finally become violent which contributed to the senseless killings of 86 people. These unprecedented protests against Abiy and his administration unfolded ahead of the 2020 election. Ironically, it came about just weeks after he had received the Nobel Peace Prize and launched his book Medemer at a ceremony held inside the Millennium Hall.