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Reconciliation Commission, Ministry agree to work in collaboration for peace

The Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that enables them to work jointly this week. 

The memorandum of understanding was signed between Peace State Minister Almaz Mekonnen and Reconciliation Commission Chairperson Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel.

The memorandum of understanding enables the two sides to work together in capacity building, exchange of information, experience sharing as well as identifying causes of conflicts and recommending solutions, it was learnt.

The agreement is aimed at accomplishing common visions and goals of the institutions through integrated approach to save time, resource, and labor.

Noting that the commission has been working on important activities with regard to reconciliation and peace, Reconciliation Commission Chairperson Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel said the memorandum would enables the commission to perform activities that brings about sustainable peace, cooperation and unity.

State Minister at the Ministry of Peace Almaz Mekonnen on her part expressed hope that the collaborative and joint efforts of the institutions would result in enduring peace. (ENA)

IGAD warns of flooding in East African countries including Ethiopia

Heavy rainfall is expected over the coming days in most parts of western Ethiopia, southwestern Sudan and northwestern South Sudan that might result in floods and wind storms, the Inter Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) warned.

Stakeholders are urged to take the appropriate measures to prevent risks due to the heavy rains, according to the Inter Governmental Authority for Development’s Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) weather forecast alert issued on Tuesday this week.

Specifically, western Ethiopia, areas along the Shebelle River in Ethiopia and Somalia, and eastern parts of South Sudan along the River Baro/Sobat are more prone areas of flood, the forecast alert stated.  

Communities living in known flood risk areas need to be alerted, the forecast alert added. 

It further forecasted that very heavy rainfall is also expected in a few areas of northwestern and northeastern Ethiopia which is expected to reach 100-200 mm, and eastern and northwestern parts of Sudan which is expected to reach 10-30 mm. (ENA)

Ministry grants 12 mining, exploration licenses

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum on Wednesday granted mineral exploration and production licenses to 12 mining companies.

The agreements include two mining and 10 exploration licenses that would enable the companies to produce and explore various minerals in Ethiopia.

State Minister Simegn Wube signed the agreements with Chief Executives of the mining companies.

The mining companies will engage in the exploration of sediment gold, gold, iron, manganese, chromites, silver and gemstone while the two firms licensed for the production of basalt and marble minerals.

The mining firms have allocated more than 402 million birr cumulative capital for the exploration projects to be carried out in the next three years and will create 480 jobs.

The Ministry noted that the exploration licenses would be valid for three years with possible extension upon the requests of the companies if the ministry accepts the proposal for renewal.

The mining companies should also work on environmental protection and ensure the local communities benefit from the mining projects. (ENA)

Nation collects close to 234 bln birr annual revenue

The Ministry of Revenues disclosed that it has collected 233.9 billion birr during the concluded Ethiopian Fiscal Year. 

Minister Laqe Ayalew told journalists on Wednesday that the income has shown 17.9 percent increase over the year before last.

He said this encouraging achievement was registered due to the various measures taken by the government to improve revenue collection.

“Amendments made in tariffs, legal frameworks and customs prices as well as the restructuring of tax collection and law enforcement systems were among the contributing factors that helped to improve the revenues,” he said.

The recognition given to devoted tax payers by the ministry has also played crucial role in increasing the nation’s revenue.

Furthermore, efforts have been made to increase customer satisfaction by reducing the duration of containers at dry port and using technology to provide services effectively.

Out of the total revenue collected in the year, 104.9 billion was obtained from customs services, 128.7 billion from local sources, and 152 million from the National Lottery Administration. (ENA)