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Reluctance at the heart of HR crisis in Ethiopia: HRC

Failure to enforce rule of law at the heart of HR crisis in Ethiopia: HRC

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) accused government and security officials of failing to enforce the rule of law thereby exacerbating the human rights crisis in the country in recent months.

This was noted in a statement that EHRC Commissioner Addisu Gebreigzabhier (PhD) gave on the sidelines of EPRDF’s 11th Convention in Hawassa.

Briefing the media on fresh conflicts and unrests in Kemashe Zone of Benshangul Gumuz Regional State and Kaffa and Sheka Zones of the Southern Regional State, the commissioner indicated that the deteriorating security situation in the stated Zones had gone as far as hindering the Commission to properly investigate human rights abuse in these areas.

“The Commission believes that the government should work diligently to stop this crisis,” Addisu said. Although the Commissioner confirmed that a number of people have died in these conflicts and many have been displaced, he also said that the actual number of people who were killed as well as displaced could not be verified since the Commission’s investigators were an able to conduct any meaningful investigation due to the deteriorated security situation.

“Because of the difficulty to move from place to place in all areas, our investigators could not carry out their tasks. But, they plan to begin the investigation tomorrow,” he added. He also said that peace keeping activities are not being carried out properly in most of these places and movement is still a challenge.