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Residents await mass sports

The 6th edition of the Addis Ababa mass sport is set to take place on January 5, 2020 at Meskel Square. Organized in collaboration with the Sports Commission and Addis Ababa Sports Commission, multitudes are expected to participate in the mass sport.

The Addis Ababa mass sport activity, organized by Addis Ababa Sport Commission, is anticipated to be held in various sub-cities. In a press conference held by Addis Ababa Sports Commission, more than 200,000 participants will take part in different sub cities. Following the growing developments of buildings in the capital city, sporting venues are continuously being replaced by construction works. Due to this reason, the youth are losing sport arenas to spend their recreational time.

To this effect, the Sports Commission has stated that constructing sport arenas, teenage groups, and hosting competitions are the plans to be implemented in the upcoming years. It is widely recognized that participation in sports has a significant positive impact on people’s health and quality of life. Nonetheless, it is known that only specific individuals often practice daily sports activities. Particularly, the mass sports or live sport events was the lowest in most places of Addis Ababa.

After mass sports started taking place in Addis Ababa in the last six months, the number of participants has increased into the thousands. According to Addis Ababa City sport commission, currently Addis Ababa has about 66 conventional stadiums in which 33 of them are licensed to perform mass sports. Among these, the Abebe Bikila stadium is reconstructed with an outlay of 105 million birr has reached 95 percent completion. Likewise, the renewal of Akaki stadium, 70 percent completed, costs 500,000,000 birr, the Sports commission stated.   

The commission further pointed out that mass sports plays a vital role to strengthen the administrative and management capacities of different sporting bodies, to be able to implement sustainable sports development program.

Rwanda is one of the best examples of African countries that actively engage in mass sports.