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Sebeta FC, Meta sign 18 mln birr sponsorship deal
Sebeta FC and Meta Abo Brewery signing the MoU

Sebeta FC, Meta sign 18 mln birr sponsorship deal

The Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) side, Sebeta City FC, has signed a four-year sponsorship deal, worth 18 million birr annually, with Meta Abo Brewery. Sebeta City signed the four year agreement, dependent on the results of the club. The club will receive 14 million in cash and it is believed that Sebeta FC will receive four million birr in equipment’s to aid the club in income generation.

The deal, which can be extended by another year, was announced during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sebeta FC board members and Diageo-Meta Abo Brewery SC, on Thursday 2019. In addition, the company has also agreed to provide an additional 3,000 jerseys, to be sold to the fans. The deal also includes for several equipment’s to be made available to increase the income of the club.

Sebeta FC, being one of the clubs listed for the lack of a standard playing turf for home matches, it is understood that the first part of the fund will also be used for the construction of a standard pitch for the club.  

The Clubs president, Obsa Legesa pointed out that in collaboration with Meta Abo Brewery and the City Administration; it has commenced the construction of the pitch. The undergoing construction and infrastructure work is expected to be completed in two months.

Furthermore, the clubs board said that it is in the process of building a commercial center around Furi area, which will increase the clubs income in the near future.  

“The deal will assist us strongly to develop our football and solve our financial problems.  It also helps us to strengthen our club and be competitive in the league,” said Sebeta City Mayor and club Chairman, Birhanu Bekele.  

It is to be recalled that a proclamation seeking to ban alcohol adverts from 6 AM to 9 PM was put into effect since May 29, 2019. Nevertheless, several EPL clubs have agreed sponsorship deals with different companies featuring patches on their jerseys. These companies argue that the proclamation does not put specific provisions regarding patches on team’s jerseys.    

In a bid to stay in the league and avoid relegation, Sebeta City has appointed Coach Wubetu Abate and has finished second in the 2019 Addis Ababa City Cup. After its defeat to St. George, by a solitary goal, Sebeta will take on Adama City in match week three of the EPL.