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Sidama Zone head, Hawassa mayor resign

The Administrator of Sidama Zone Aklilu Adula and the Mayor of Hawassa Tewodros Gebiba have resigned from their posts in connection to the recent conflict in the town of Hawassa and its surroundings, The Reporter has learnt.

The conflict had resulted in the death of ten people and the injury of more than 80, while close to 3,500 people have been reported to be displaced from their homes.

It is to be recalled that five senior officials from the Wolayta Zone have resigned from their position in relation to the conflict which took place in Wolayta Sodo town which began as a rally to denounce the attack on ethnic Wolaytas in Hawassa and its surrounding towns.

The resignation of the officials in Wolayta came immediately after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) called up on Wolayta, Sidama, Kebena and Gurage zonal and woreda administrators to resign and take responsibility for the conflicts that happened in the area. The PM toured the conflict ridden areas days after the clash.