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The sins of political duplicity

The sins of political duplicity

Decades have elapsed since the art of sowing ethnic, religious and other divisions among Ethiopians while claiming to champion their interest has been a hallmark of the elites of the country. Frankly speaking, though Ethiopians may be the epitome of diversity, the fact that they share age-old values and managed to forge a strong bond means that they have a common destiny. Despite living for centuries under the yoke of tyrants which subjected it to unimaginable suffering, injustice, poverty and backwardness the have always staunchly defended the nation’s sovereignty from foreign aggressors. Their undying love of country and sense of solidarity for fellow citizens has survived from generation to generation. Their entire existence bears testimony to this indisputable tradition. The elements which have been toiling to incite deadly intercommunal conflicts are not cut from the same cloth as other Ethiopians; they are vile characters who are blinded by greed and do not care an iota about the nation or its people. The far-sighted and gracious people of Ethiopia need to put such degenerates and sadists in their place.

These compatriots have no qualms about invoking the public’s name in vain for the sake of advancing their nefarious political objective as well as exculpating themselves from criminal liability. Moreover, they claim that ordinary citizens have been lifted out of poverty and are steering on the path to democracy and prosperity while the situation on the ground is the complete opposite. The heavy-handed quashing of the spontaneous eruption of deadly protests precipitated by public discontent that had been simmering for long is a recent memory. It’s paradoxical therefore that nowadays it has become fashionable to hide behind one’ ethnicity and invoke the public’s name when measures are being taken to uphold the rule of law in response to overwhelming demand. Rather than contributing their share to see to it that the reforms underway in Ethiopia bring about peace, democracy and development the forces taking up this strategy are bent on peddling the usual warped narrative with the aim of creating distrust and provoking conflicts. And bereft of any agenda which advances the national interest they are unwilling to learn from past mistakes and mend the errors of their ways. Ethiopians must stand against them as one.

As we always say the survival of a nation is above the private interest of individual citizens or groups. Generations, governments and leaders come and go but a nation lives for eternity. The important thing is to ensure that it’s bequeathed from generation to generation. The days when forces neither interested in accepting nor implementing the principle that power only emanates from the ballot box can consolidate their dominance by turning the country into a killing field are long gone. The forces of democracy which truly have the country’s best interest at heart have to accommodate their differences through dialogue and strive to avert the specter of a return to dictatorship. This calls for the exposure of pseudo-populists intent on instigating internecine strife and generally wreaking havoc, refraining from activities liable to create confusions or inflame tensions, a passionate advocating for human and democratic rights as well as a total rejection of the politics of hatred. It’s incumbent on the masses to play a robust role in such endeavors.

Engaging in duplicitous politics is an addiction that cannot be easily kicked. The addicts will not desist from wreaking havoc even if the public eschews them. While there is a broad consensus on the imperative to undertake enduring democratic reforms as the saying “the Devil can quote Scripture” goes they wax lyrical about the rule of law despite being the archetypal oppressor. The public should not be taken in by these hypocrites. How can anyone culpable of violating the fundamental constitutional principle of equality before the law, using the law as an instrument to attack as opposed to protecting the defenseless, denying citizens the right to an equitable share of the national cake and subjecting detained persons to torture and other inhuman treatment have the temerity to accuse someone else of flouting the rule of law? When will they stop making a mockery of the public? No one ought to allow political merchants to use them as tools.

The people of Ethiopia should be more vigilant than ever before and stand together against in thwarting the forces hell bent on dividing them on ethnic, religious, political and other grounds with the aim of furthering their wicked machinations. They also need to guard themselves from being utilized as cannon fodders by morally decrepit characters and expose them for the charlatans they are. No one should be deceived by their pretentious claim that all their actions promote the “public interest” while everything they do only enriches their ilk and impoverishes the country. The most important thing that Ethiopians should set out to accomplish at this critical juncture is to join hands in creating a stable, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia. Needless to say it is of the essence to display an unswerving commitment towards this end. Doing something that is detrimental to the welfare of the people while swearing in their name is the height of hypocrisy. That is why political duplicity is an abhorrent sin!