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Skirmish in Johannesburg leads to arrest of 150 Ethiopians
Nebiyat Getachew, Spokesperson of MoFA.

Skirmish in Johannesburg leads to arrest of 150 Ethiopians

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is closely following the case of 150 Ethiopians who have been detained as a result of the skirmish between the security forces of South Africa and traders at the Johannesburg Central Business District, the spokesperson of the Ministry said during a media briefing on Friday, August 9 2019.

According to Nebiat Getachew, spokesperson of the Ministry, some six hundred individuals from different countries were detained in a clash between the security of forces of the country and traders which were labeled as ‘illegal,’ of which 150 are Ethiopians.

Following the detention of the Ethiopians, the Ministry is following the case closely and working with the police of the country, former members of the African National Congress (ANC) and an NGO called Steve Biko Foundation to facilitate the release of the Ethiopians who are legally working and residing in the country, the spokesperson disclosed.

Apart from this, the Ministry, with the Ethiopian embassy in South Africa, is also working to ensure the case of the Ethiopians to be seen based on the legal standard, and to protect Ethiopians from any abuse and human rights violations while they are under custody.

Similarly, the spokesperson also briefed members of the media over various issues including citizen-oriented diplomacy, and the release of Ethiopians detained in different countries mainly in Saudi Arabia and Kenya.

Furthermore, the spokesperson explained other activities that the Ministry has conducted in the past two weeks, including the visits made by some 40 and 77 adopted individuals living in Italy and the US, respectively. This was facilitated by the Ministry and other organizations in Italy.

Finally, the spokesperson talked about regional cooperation and explained about the peace deal signed between the reformist and the military council in Sudan through the efforts of the Ethiopian Government and the African Union (AU).