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Swedish minister praises reform in Ethiopia

Swedish minister praises reform in Ethiopia

Ahead of the International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming summit 2019, set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden, from July 15-16, 2019, the Scandinavian nation’s Deputy Minister of International Cooperation, Per Olsson Fridh made a two day visit to Ethiopia and restated his nation’s support for the reform process taking place in the country during the last year.

"From the perspective of Sweden, we are eager to help support some of the recent reform measures of Ethiopia," he told The Reporter after he visited a refugee camp in Dollo, in the Somali Regional State. "We are eager to engage and financially invest in resilient projects as the old wisdom of foreign aid is phased out and replaced with sustainable projects, not just in Ethiopia but in many parts of the world".

The 38-year old minister also paid a visit to the Ministry of Peace, Muferiat Kamil, and had an audience with newly minted head of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Daniel Bekele (PhD), who was invited to visit Sweden, as a sign of endorsement to the initiatives of peace and justice in Ethiopia, something that is best practiced in soft power nations such as Sweden.   

The country has been a noted supporter of developmental initiatives in Ethiopia, more particularly on areas of children’s rights, women empowerment, environmental issues, the protection of migrants and refugees and others through United Nations agencies such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He had come to Addis Ababa after making a similar trip to the neighboring Sudan. 

"This week's visits of Ethiopia and Sudan have offered a good chance to follow how the UN family can play a role in supporting development in complex but promising environments, a golden opportunity for the UN to show it is fit for its purpose," he tweeted from Addis Ababa.   

He also signed a memorandum of understanding with Ethiopia's State Minister, Admassu Nebebe to cooperate on areas of finance, economic reform, trade and economic issues.