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Three year old stabbed to death

A 3-year-old Ethiopian refugee has been stabbed to death while celebrating her birthday in the United States. Held in custody and charged with first-degree murder is her former 30-year-old recently evicted neighbor who had become homeless. The rampage happened when Timmy Earl Kinner Jr. allegedly walked into the celebration uninvited and started stabbing children of Iraqi and Syrian backgrounds who had moved to the area in recent years running away from the conflicts at home.

Ruya Kadir, who had moved to Boise, Idaho in late 2015 with her mother to find refuge, received several injuries to her body and treated in Salt Lake City, where she was airlifted too. According to the information received from the United States, there were many injuries sustained, including those needing surgeries, reconstruction surgery, with potential degrees of paralysis.

The International Rescue Committee has launched a fundraiser for the family and is working with authorities to grant her father a visa to come to the United States for the funeral. Her father presently lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

 “My kid died here, alone, without her father,” Kadir told Idaho Statesman, a local newspaper. “I want her dad to see her one last time. He is not here right now. I want him to come here and attend the funeral.”

There have been unprovoked attacks on migrants and refugees since President Trump came to power blaming much of the woes of the United States on minorities and immigrants. Reportedly, he has called those people coming from Africa, South American and the Caribbean come from “shithole nations” and has asked the disbanding of the Diversity Visa, that have pushed many African immigrants to move to the United States.

Meanwhile, Ruya 32-year old mother has asked the local prosecutor to seek the death penalty for the accused. He remains in Ada Country jail and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 16.