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Travelers discontent over makeshift quarantine centers

Bole Senior Secondary High School has transitioned to a center to quaratine travellers to Ethiopia who otherwise can not afford to pay their mandatory 14 days confinement in the midst of the coronavirus panademic. This came about as Corona continues to affect growing pool of patients in Ethiopia and the nation became overwhelmed with the fast-moving virus.

The government annoucned on Monday that those who arrive at the busy Bole International Airport should go into a volunteer quarantine for 14 days at either the Skyline or Ghion Hotels at their own expenses at prices ranging from 40 USD to more than 100 USD per night.

However, the mayor had promised the city will help find hospitalities to those who can not afford to pay.

“We are happy to provide temporary centers for these individuals to wait out the 14 day recommended quarantine time. The city will be providing needed care for them including beds, food, & water, Deputy Mayor Takele Uma had announced.

However, there have been reports of shortages of toilatries, ample space areas where upto six people have been forced to be placed per room and food. Most of the temporary residents of the high school are returnees from a number of Gulf States and few entrepreuneurs from China.

On Wednesday, the day The Reporter visited the school, there were comotion with security and guards as the quartained demanded to be let go and refused to sleep on old mattreses and with no shower area. However, they were subdued and have been quartained since.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has so far announced a list of initatives to help curb the virus, including the closing of public places and public gatherings and a call for the public to help.

Architect Maheder Gebremedhin (Bobo) was one of the first to ask for the public’s support to help at the Bole School.

 “For the 135 police men & women who are keeping the security in each shift they need: 1 Masks & Gloves 2 Detail training on medical rules of engagment. More over bole high school does not have a generator”, he wrote on Twitter starting a wave of support.

Efoi Pizza has heeded the call and has discounted pizza and added a free delivery.

If anyone wants to send pizzas to places in need (quarantine places, hospitals, etc...) effoi will make a 30% discount on your orders of 10 or more pizzas. We realized the need after delivering to bole high school quarantine facilities”, Tesga Woubishet, aka Gigi wrote on social media that has so far received 23 re-tweets and 133 likes.