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Two organizations sign 37.7 mln birr MoU to rehabilitate, repatriate IDPs
Tamagn Beyene

Two organizations sign 37.7 mln birr MoU to rehabilitate, repatriate IDPs

Founded by Ethiopians in the diaspora, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians (GARE) – a US-based Ethiopian rights group – has signed an agreement with World Vision to launch an over 37.7 million birr worth project, which aims at rehabilitating and repatriating millions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in various parts of Ethiopia.

Led by the renowned activist and artiste, Tamagn Beyene, the Alliance announced its latest donation of some 37 million birr in an event held at the newly-inaugurated Skyline Hotel on Wednesday in the presence of the leaders of the two organizations.

On the occasion, it was said that the latest donation is intended for IDPs returnees in Gedio-Guji and Gondar zones. Out of the 37.7 million, 34.4 million birr would be allocated to provide assistance to IDPs in Gedeo-Guji zone while 3.3 million birr is allocated to the IDP’s in Gonder Zone, Amhara Regional State.

According to the officials of the two signatory parties, the MoU mainly focuses on identifying common priorities including provision of shelter, livelihood, peace building and non-food item assistances.

Accordingly, GARE submitted a novelty endowment check for donation to World Vision Ethiopia National Director, Edward Brown, to rehabilitate IDP’s in Gedeo-Guji Zone and to the Representative of Fundraising Committee for IDPs in Amhara Regional State, Getnet Alemu.

Ethiopia maintained an unenviable record of being the global leader in IDP’s driven out of their place of residence due to conflicts across the country.

The country has close to three million people displaced by violent conflicts according to the latest results from the Global Report on Internal Displacement, GRID. It is jointly published by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, IDMC, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, NRC.

The report released last week read in part: “Ethiopia had the highest figure, with 2.9 million new displacements,” a considerable increase that influenced global trends.