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Violence rocks southern state

Violence rocks southern state

Days after the electoral board issued a statement where it said it will hold the much-talked about referendum to decide on the long-standing Sidama zone’s quest for statehood, a deadly violence is said to have swept across some parts of Southern Regional State. Even though no official confirmation has been given by the government so far, different media outlets, quoting Hawassa Referral Hospital, are reporting that least three people were killed and dozens are injured in the unrest.  

In this regard, cities like Hawassa, Yirba Borichcha, Hula (Agereselam), Wotara Rassa and other areas in the Sidama Zonal administration have seen confrontations between the youth and security officers since July 18, 2019. In addition, reports claim that several houses and business of non-Sidama residents as well as government offices were attacked, ransacked and robbed by an organized group.

Tewodros Woldemichael, Southern Region Police Commissioner told Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) today that ‘Hawassa is relatively peaceful on Friday,’ and The Reporters attempts to get further information until press time bore no fruit.