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Websprix pilots private internet services
Dawit Birhanu, chief Executive Officer, Websprix

Websprix pilots private internet services

Websprix – an IT solutions and services provider – has finalized its pilot project to provide the first private internet service to its customers.

The company has already finalized two of its pilot projects in Tsehay Real Estate and Mullege Building. The one in Tsehay Real Estate alone has benefited 630 houses inside the premises.  In this regard, at the moment the company has targeted real estate companies.

Websprix has also launched the first Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service for both residential and business customers. In this respect, the company will deploy a fiber- based IPTV and internet services.

“We are currently importing a 100 km fiber from abroad,” said Dawit Birhanu, chief Executive Officer. It will offer a bandwidth demand ranging from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Following the completion of its pilot project, the company over the coming four months will address 5,000 customers who will benefit from its internet services. In this respect, the company is now working with real estate companies such as Flintstone, Sunshine as well as Century Mall.

This and private internet service by private companies came to reality following the first ever license issued by Ministry of Communication & Technology to provide the service. For years, Ethio Telecom was the only internet service provider.

Just a few months ago, eight companies along with Websprix were given the license to provide the first private value-added internet service.

Like any private internet service providers, Websprix will provide the service with less price in comparison to the one by Ethio Telecom.

Websprix was established in 2011 after getting a license to give a virtual internet service to companies in the country.