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Week 10 EPL fixtures fall on Ethiopian Christmas

Week 10 matches of the Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) are to be played over the Ethiopian Christmas weekend. Electric are to host Adama City today while Ethiopia Coffee are to play against Wolaita Dicha and Sidama Coffee face Hawassa City in the southern derby.

Tottering in the relegation zone, Electric are to face Adama City at home turf.  It will be a key match for both sides who have exhibited inconsistent performance. Electric are placed 15th with only eight points. It was two weeks ago that Electric sacked Birhanu Bayu for poor performance and national team coach Ashenafi Bekele took over. Ashenafi used to manage Adama City.

In a week 9 fixture, Electric were beaten by Wolaita Dicha 2-0. Last year’s top fighters Adama City seemed to be lacking their flair.  Adama collected 12 points in the past nine weeks and this match will be crucial in order for them to sit on the top four.

Tomorrow’s fixture will see Coffee playing against Wolaita Dicha and Sidama Coffee taking on Hawassa City in a southern derby. Ethiopia Coffee have continued with their two-week winless streak. Coffee have consecutively lost matches against Jimma Aba Jiffar and Dedebit (a.k.a. the Blues). The Blues beat Coffee 1-0 week 9, and with 11 points, Coffee are placed seventh on the table.  Coffee are to play against Wolaita Dicha on week 10, and it will be easy for the former to prevail over bottom-placed Wolaita, who have so far managed to collect only eight points.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated derby match will see Sidama hosting Hawassa City, who had a good start this season. However, the home side is not going to be easily beaten as they are playing in front of their fans.

On Thursday’s match, St. George thrashed Jimma Abba Jiffar 3-0 at Addis Ababa Stadium. The champion’s full-back Abebaw Butako opened the goal sheet in the 4th minute and he again scored in the 66th minute. In the 76th minute, Adane scored the third goal.  

Dedebit top the table with 19 points, St. George (with two games in hand) follow with 16 points. Then trail Jimma Aba Jiffar with 14 and Fasil City with 12 points respectively. Wolaita Dicha, Electric and Arba Minch City are at the bottom of the table.   

Week 10 EPL Fixtures

Saturday, 6/1/ 2018

Electric vs. Adama City

Sunday, 7/1/2018

Defense vs. Fassil City

Mekelle City vs. Dire Dawa City

Sidama Coffee vs. Hawassa City

Arba Minch City vs. Dedebit

Ethiopia Coffee vs. Wolaita Dicha

Monday, 8/1/2018

Welwalo Adigart University vs. Woldia City