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WFP Wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

WFP Wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

In a ceremony held on October 9 at the Oslo city hall, The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the World Food Programme (WFP), United Nation agency working on food and humanitarian assistance.

“WFP is truly honored to receive the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. It gives us an important chance to forefront the link between food and peace. Food is a way to support peace by improving access to contested natural resources. That’s one reason why WFP runs so many development projects here in Ethiopia too”, Edward Johnson, Communication Director of WFP Ethiopia told The Reporter. 

Within Ethiopia, the group works in the areas of food security, nutrition and appeals to the world on behalf of vulnerable people in order to provide immediate assistance in food and basic social safety nets. It also runs programs that feed refugees from neighboring nations and provides them with emergency aid.

The recognition comes to the United Nations agency at a time when it is facing budget constraints to deliver its services around the world. Earlier this year, WFP appealed to donors to help its Ethiopian operation meet a budget downfall valued at 150 million USD and said more than 700,000 refugees are at risk of facing food security problems. 

“We are deeply humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize,” said the head of the agency, David Beasley who was once a Republican Politician in the United States. “This is an incredible recognition on the dedication of the WFP family, working to end hunger everyday in 80 plus countries.”

David recently tested positive for COVID-19 and returned to work after receiving treatment and going through a quarantine period. WFP is also known for helping facilitated some of the donated equipments and gears from the Jack Ma foundation to all African nations.

Last year’s recipient was Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) for his peace effort with Eritrea. This year, Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – the head of WHO - was considered a leading contender for his efforts in the midst of COVID-19 and to curb the pandemic.

"Huge admiration and respect for the life-saving work you do for people in need everywhere," Tedros tweeted shortly after the announcement was made public.