Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Abraham Tekle

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Tigray accuses AU of walking away from Ethiopia peace deal implementation

Officials of the Tigray Interim Administration blame the African Union high level panel of the peace process in Ethiopia for abandoning the implementation of...

Harnessing hope for change

Yared H/Meskel, managing director of YHM Consulting, brings a wealth of expertise in investment advisory services and provides a nurturing platform for young developers...

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission – EHRC cites steep rise in violations during unrest

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission #EHRC issued an alarming new report detailing a steep rise in human rights violations linked to the ongoing conflict plaguing Ethiopia's #Amhara region.

Ethiopia’s elusive search for a shared national vision

Ethiopia has long struggled to establish a cohesive and durable national vision that can align its diverse political forces behind shared economic and social...

On the frontlines of the migration crisis

Bruce Orina has faced many challenges over his 25 years working with migrants, but witnessing families reconnect made all the struggles worthwhile. As head of the ICRC office in Ethiopia, he worked tirelessly to help migrants stay connected to loved ones and advocated for their rights on the global stage.

Sudan at risk of disintegration as conflict reaches critical point

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has reached a critical juncture, with growing concerns that the nation could be on the brink of division, according...

In wake of rising tensions, advocate demands action

Befeqadu Hailu explored the prevalent issues of human rights violations in Ethiopia and the obstacles to advocacy in his role as a human rights activist. However, since the political transition in 2018, the situation has become increasingly complex with ongoing conflicts in many parts of the country resulting in continued violations.

Ethiopia’s path to fiscal sustainability

Discussing the issue of unrestrained spending across levels of government, Yakob emphasized the importance of fiscal discipline. Stronger oversight was noted, though fully resolving this will take robust democratic systems to impartially enforce rules to prevent misuse of funds and ensure they are used efficiently.

Saudi’s shoot, dismember, deny

Almost five years ago, the beheadings of dozens of Ethiopians en route to Europe across the Libyan Desert shocked the world. Ethiopia mourned the...

Tourism faces existential crisis

Ethiopia's tourist hotspots like Lalibela now lie empty as the Amhara state of emergency scares away visitors, darkening prospects for recovery in the travel industry just gaining momentum after conflicts. Bookings vanish, imperiling tourism jobs.