Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Ashenafi Endale

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Tigray officials demand redesigned transitional justice model

Officials at the Tigray Interim Administration (TIA) reject the national transitional justice initiative spearheaded by the federal government, on grounds of wrong modality and...

Navigating the quest for justice amid conflicts

Ethiopia's pursuit of justice and accountability faces uncertainty amid conflicts and human rights violations. The Independent Commission of Inquiry highlights severe violations, advocating for international investigation, while the government emphasizes homegrown transitional justice. Reconciliation efforts strive to harmonize diverse voices in Ethiopia's path toward peace.

Investigation: Shadow fight for Ethiopia’s lithium bonanza

The contentious Kenticha lithium project in Oromia remains mired in uncertainty as legal wrangles and political jockeying persist over who will control the deposit's...

Credentials controversy ends AU legal head’s tenure

A petition launched by "prominent professionals" called on the AUC chairman to investigate, arguing Guy Fleury-Ntwari fell short of the job requirements as the published vacancy had stipulated candidates possess an LLM and 15 years of legal experience, including eight years at a managerial level.

Ethiopia begins overhaul of 30-year-old population policy ahead of planned 2025 census

Ethiopia has kicked off a revision of its three-decades-old National Population Policy (NPP) in an effort to better align economic planning with rapid population...

Ethiopia orders 1.5 million passports to clear citizen backlog

New Director vows to clear 300,000+ passport application backlog within a year The Ethiopian Immigration Service (EIS) has placed the country's largest passport order in...

A tumultuous year

From war to talks - Ethiopia enters critical period of transition The conclusion of the Ethiopian calendar year 2015 (or 2023/24) marks a significant turning...

Fed promises minimum wage, income tax reform

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has given the go-ahead for amendments to income tax and the implementation of a minimum wage—groundbreaking decisions for the...

Ethiopia, UN in talks for swift food aid resumption

The Ethiopian government and the United Nations are in discussions to urgently resume food aid and reform the humanitarian sector, following the suspension of aid due to diversion concerns. A joint statement highlights the critical need for the full and immediate resumption of food aid, particularly for the most vulnerable groups in Ethiopia.

Amhara’s battle for stability: Can dialogue prevail over violence?

Amid ongoing clashes and civilian casualties, the Amhara region remains in turmoil despite international calls for dialogue and peace. Resolving underlying issues and rebuilding trust are crucial for a sustainable solution, as military force alone is unlikely to bring lasting stability.