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Beyond Debt Restructuring

Over the years, external loan has been the low hanging fruit for the government of Ethiopia to bridge the wide gap between exponentially growing investment needs and meager domestic resource mobilization. Behind most of Ethiopia’s major public projects are financiers waiting for a return of their loans.

Tracking Ethiopia’s baby steps in financial technology

Yillebes Addis is the CEO of EthSwitch. His knowledge of financial technologies coupled with management skills make him suited for developing countries like Ethiopia, where e-commerce is taking baby steps. During his maiden year at the helm, which was three years ago, EthSwitch recorded profit for the first time after covering losses for years.

“Rebuilding region would take at least 30 years”

Recovering from the severe economic damage inflicted by the war in northern Ethiopia and bringing back the economy of Amhara regional state to pre-Tigray war economic status would take thirty to forty years of endeavor, revealed an assessment by the Planning Commission of the Amhara Regional State.

R&D centers to sprawl across manufacturing corridors

A new public entity dubbed ‘manufacturing industries development institute’ envisages installing Research and Development (R&D) centers for six sectors including metal, textile, leather, chemical, electronics and agroindustry.

ethio telecom lost 1.9 billion Br in revenue to conflict in first quarter

The state telecom giant, ethio telecom, lost 1.9 billion Birr in revenue due to the conflict in the northern part of the country. As a result, its revenue for the first quarter of 2021/22 Ethiopian fiscal year fell 12 percent short of its planned 15.4 billion Birr.  

CBE’s profit surpasses target set

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia netted 6.8 billion Birr profit, exceeding its own 4.7 billion Birr target for the just ended first quarter by 146 percent.

Coal rush: source of wealth or conflict?

Officials and geologists from Oromia Mineral Development Authority traveled to Derbi Moye, one of the three coal rich woredas in Jima Zone located 70 kilometers from Jima town, three weeks ago.

Uranium radiation harms dozens

Uranium radiation caused severe injuries to dozens of children and youngsters in Madda Walaabu, Bale zone of Oromia regional state, over the past year.

ECX seats fetch 8 mln birr

Kebede Bilbila and Beza Trading both offered the highest price for Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) membership seats at eight million birr. The Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) opened the bid it floated to sell 30 membership seats on November 2, 2021.

Inflation: chopping off Ethiopia’s middle class?

Girma Bezabih is a property broker who uncovers and sales mainly houses almost across all sub-cities in the capital. He is familiar with most available patches of land in the capital after working in the business for twelve years now.


Spike in local sesame price infuriates exporters

A quintal of sesame now costs 11,000 birr The...

US demands human right investigation to reinstate AGOA privilege

The US urged the Ethiopian government to permit international...

Liquidity shortage returns, new loan applications halt

Banks have been compelled to halt considering new loan...

Mushrooming educational institutions and preserving quality through standardized exams and licensure

A good friend of mine forwarded the following email. At the entrance gate of a university in South Africa the following message was posted for contemplation: