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Draft policy leaves private aviators wanting more

Ethiopia’s first of its kind aviation policy, finalized nine years after it was initiated by the Ethiopian Aviation Authority, was criticized for failing to address most of the lingering issues regarding private aviation operators in Ethiopia.

Liquidity crunch resurfaces in an ailing economy

Tamiru Tadesse is a hard-working and fast growing coffee exporter. He usually sources the beans from farmers in Sidama Region. His success is attributable to efficiently using bank loans to buy as much red berries as possible during the coffee harvest season that began in November and continues to April.

Revisiting customs valuation system

Behailu Bedasa is a senior expert at theEthiopian Customs Commission’s (ECC) Customs Valuation and Development directorate. With eleven years of experience, Behailu is leading Ethiopia’s customs valuation reform and restructuring introduced since 2019.

Coal washing business lands eye watering 6bln birr in new investment

Eight local investors, picked by the Ministry of Mines, cashed-in six billion birr to plant coal washing factories. The investors were chosen out of twelve competing for the coal washing factories, a fresh business in Ethiopia. The investors expect to return their investment within three years.

Ethio-Turkish alliance: Davids against Goliath

If Lij Iyasu’s fraternity with the Ottoman Empire in fending-off Europeans from the Red Sea area had succeeded, the course of history could have been otherwise, both for Ethiopia and the outcomes of WWI. Britain bet on the then Ras Tafari and outmaneuvered Lij Iyasu, whom the church accused of converting into Islam.

“The existing education system failed to create a generation that accepts diversity”

Zafu Abraha is director of the Education Curriculum Preparation and Implementation directorate at the Ministry of Education. She is leading a taskforce that is crafting a new education curriculum, completely replacing the existing curriculum that has been in place for over 25 years.

Free trade pact to cost Ethiopia 26 bln birr in revenue losses

Ethiopia could lose up to 26 billion birr annually by putting into operation the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), according to a document from the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration. This includes Sur tax, withholding, excise, and VAT tax revenues generated from imports from African countries, which will be tariff free under the AfCFTA.

CBE sets new eviction deadline for Edna Mall tenants

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) notified the tenants of Edna Malla new deadline for eviction. The bank’s letter dated December 7, 2021 notified tenants to evacuate within a month’s time.

Tracking Post-War Recovery in Amhara region

There is no doubt that plenty of economies have repurposed conflict and used war drums as a phenomenal development catalyst. The Second World War turned the US economy into a global industrial powerhouse.

Attacks against journalists soar in Ethiopia, report says

There is a huge rise in threats against journalists from state and non-state political actors over the past three years, a new report showed. This was fueled by the explosion in political polarization over social media, the crisis of the conflict in Tigray, COVID-19, and the ethnicization of the media itself, according to Ethiopia Safety of Journalists (SoJ).


Demolition sweeping Addis

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Private operators poised to join multimodal logistics sector 

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