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    Making sense of the Rights Council investigation into Ethiopia’s crisis

    To Ethiopia’s dismay, a resolution on the grave human rights violations in Ethiopia was adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Friday, December 17, 2021, in a special meeting requested by the European Union (EU). The request by the EU was signed by 17 Council members and 35 non-Council member states.

    Ethiopia embraces court-annexed mediation

    The Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia issued a directive paving the way for court-annexed mediation, one of the deficits in the Ethiopian legal system, especially relating to commercial disputes. Court-annexed mediation is a voluntary process conducted under the auspices of the court for settlement of disputes assisted by mediators recognized by the court.

    Ezema questions national dialogue lawmaking process

    The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (Ezema) criticized the speed in the law making process of the newly drafted national dialogue bill, which is under discussion at the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR), The Reporter has learnt.

    “The West wants a weakened Abiy”

    Gabriel Negatu is a seasoned policy advisor who has worked at continental and global institutions including the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the World Bank. Gabriel holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and planning from California State University and a master’s degree in public and international administration focusing on economics and social development from the University of Pittsburgh.

    What’s next for the war in northern Ethiopia?

    The war in northern Ethiopia had been oscillating like a pendulum. In the early days of the conflict, government and allied forces marched into...

    Interests at play in the Tigray war: who wants what?

    The war in the northern part of the country witnessed various developments throughout its one year span thus far. Apart from the spread of...

    Boots on the ground: fear of US military intervention in Ethiopia

    The conflict in Ethiopia that started on the fateful night of November 3, 2020 following an attack by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)...

    PVH quits production at Hawassa

    One of the well-known brands within the Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP), US-based Philip Van Heusen (PVH) quit its production intending to “focus on sourcing” which it specializes in, The Reporter learned.

    Negotiating the Tigray war: what’s at stake?

    Since the war in Tigray started in early November 2020, there have been incessant calls for negotiation and ceasefire to seek peaceful resolution for...

    The current war is a war of deceptions: PM Abiy

    The current war in Ethiopia is a war of deceptions and talks are more challenging than the bullets, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said on Thursday November 11, 2021 at Addis Wog, his office’s dialogue platform that discusses current affairs and policy matters.


    News in Brief

    Ethiopia to takeover UNSC presidency in September Ethiopia will take over the presidency of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) in the coming month of September.

    The business of aid

    Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.

    Sport commission signs deal to renovate Addis Ababa stadium

    The Ethiopian Sports Commission signed an agreement with Friends Engineering PLC on Thursday, June 17, 2021 to renovate Addis Ababa stadium.

    To survive foreign competition, central bank governor suggests mandatory mergers, acquisitions

    The bankers' association is upset about the tax on...