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Analysing the transitional peace-development nexus

Promoting and fostering open and inclusive debates is essential, with participation from representatives of all relevant ethnic, cultural, and political factions. This is particularly significant in the context of Ethiopia, a nation characterized by significant diversity, where disputes often arise from factors related to identity.

Putting young people at the center of the circular economy

Jobs in the circular economy can contribute to both environmental goals and youth employment, but attention must be given to worker welfare and equitable distribution of opportunities. Collaboration and evidence-based approaches are crucial for a sustainable and inclusive circular economy.

Caught in a liquidity quagmire

Ethiopia's banking industry faces mounting liquidity issues, leaving customers struggling to withdraw cash. Both banks and the National Bank of Ethiopia share blame, demanding a revamp of liquidity management practices and increased emphasis on inter-bank transactions and forecasting capabilities.

Perilous journeys persist: Targeted killings, repatriation fail to deter migration

The targeted killings of Ethiopian migrants by Saudi officials expose the brutality of attempts to curb irregular migration, while inadequate repatriation efforts and limited resources fail to deter illegal migration or dismantle criminal networks facilitating the dangerous journeys.

Letter to the Editor: Statement from DKT International

DKT is aware of the article, “DKT faces funding crisis, staff clash over unpaid commission,” published on July 29, 2023 in The Reporter which...

Social representation in Ethiopian politics

The complexities of ethnic diversity and power imbalances in Ethiopian politics have led to confusion and tensions, with political parties often aligning along ethnic lines. Addressing these challenges requires inclusive governance and efforts to rectify historical injustices, fostering unity among the diverse population.

BRICS beyond geopolitics: Africa’s alternative partnership?

History shows alliances are motivated by self-interest. While BRICS presents mutually-beneficial partnerships, beneath lie thornier dynamics as countries jockey for influence. Countries risk being pulled indirectly into geopolitical tensions amid this high-stakes reshuffling of global power

Whether 1.5°C is ‘alive’ or ‘dead’, a new climate plan will be required

The 1.5°C target, once considered a threshold for manageable climate change, has been surpassed temporarily. Urgent action is needed as climate impacts worsen, demanding a new plan for transformational change in the face of escalating challenges.

Balancing inflation control and support for new banks entrants in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's battle with inflation has strained the livelihoods of its people, prompting the National Bank of Ethiopia to take action. While these policy measures aim to curb inflation, they may inadvertently burden new banks entering the market. Balancing the need for stability and fostering a conducive environment for new entrants requires careful consideration and tailored approaches.

BRICS+ and the tricky business of balancing global geopolitics

The 15th BRICS Summit revealed the global south’s growing disillusionment with the current international system and bolstered BRICS’ appeal as a counterweight to Western powers, representing a resounding call for international reform from global south states.