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    Making the African passport work

    To one’s wonder, there are member states who highly regard entering in to such pacts with countries outside of the continent and at times being deadly sure that such pacts will not be enforced; whereas, there are neighboring countries which could share a lot of treasured information while guaranteeing actual implementation will get deafening silence, writes Abdulkadir Mohammed

    Securing crop diversity

    For many years genetic resources have become a major topic of discussion. On the one hand, it has generally been accepted as a gift of nature that will be shared by all human beings.

    Resurrecting the “Brown Condor”

    Many Ethiopians are not familiar with the name John Robinson. a.k.a. "The Brown Condor".  The African-American aviator and activist who, almost single-handedly broke down the doors of segregation in the field of American Aviation in his early career and who is recognized today as the "Father of the Tuskegee Airmen" of World War II fame.

    Doping scandal over Ethiopian athletes linger

    Doping in sports remains a serious and difficult issue, putting an athlete’s health at risk, threatening the integrity of clean athletes and the reputation of sports.

    Congratulations to members of the new Media Council

    Dear Editor, It is irresistible to comment on the recent progress made by media actors of our nation to the point of establishing a council which will embrace individual members and their associations.

    When what’s right is wrong…

    I came across a funny tweet on the on going US elections which read “Obama should consider following the example of some African heads of state and amend the US constitution to run for a third term!” I mean he's talked proudly about how he would get elected had he wanted to run for a third term including during his speech at the African Union.

    City streams as waste disposal canals

    A lot has been said about Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union (AU), one of the most peaceful cities in the continent and a city that is an embodiment of the “African Rising” narrative. Nevertheless, tidiness and waste management is definitely not one of the strongest suites of this city.

    Lucy, Seattle Reign to forge partnership

    The Ethiopian Football Federation and representatives of one of America’s leading professional women’s soccer teams, the Seattle Reign, met last week in Addis Ababa and took the first steps in forging a strategic partnership aimed at forging international linkages and strengthening Ethiopian women’s soccer.

    System yelem!

    I spent the better half of this week trying to pay a traffic ticket.


    Blessed with natural attributes such as natural resources, as well as a young, technically literate population, Ethiopia has all the prerequisites to lead the continent in the future, writes Yerlik Ali.


    News in Brief

    Ethiopia to takeover UNSC presidency in September Ethiopia will take over the presidency of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) in the coming month of September.

    The business of aid

    Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.

    Sport commission signs deal to renovate Addis Ababa stadium

    The Ethiopian Sports Commission signed an agreement with Friends Engineering PLC on Thursday, June 17, 2021 to renovate Addis Ababa stadium.

    To survive foreign competition, central bank governor suggests mandatory mergers, acquisitions

    The bankers' association is upset about the tax on...