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America and the world in transition

Speculation about President-elect Donald Trump's likely foreign and domestic policies is rampant, but little if any of it is meaningful.

Containing the populist contagion

Contagion is a well understood process in finance: a shock in one place produces tremors elsewhere, because pattern-seeking market participants perceive fundamental forces at work.

Could Trump trap or trump climate change commitments?

Before Election Day, his comments and election campaign policy clearly shows that he will boost the economy via creating new jobs by way of installing huge factories, industries and projects.

Three ways to improve child health

By investing not only in systems to provide clean drinking water and sanitation, but also in educational programs that encourage better hygiene practices and toilet use, governments can break a vicious cycle of diarrhea and malnutrition that causes irreversible physical and cognitive damage, writes Anita Zaidi.

Ethiopia’s foreign policy and concerns for minor changes

Ethiopia should restating the foreign policy rationalizing the same through strategic pillar and the environmental diplomacy pillar might as well be determining the sustainability and operationalization of all other pillars namely economic diplomacy pillar and peace diplomacy pillar, writes  Getachew Mekonnen.

Volunteer artwork at Yelibefana School celebrates learning

By Alexa Noel When it seems like people are focused on getting more and spending more, it helps to think about the importance of volunteerism. It allows people to think beyond themselves and focus on the needs of others. 

Two thoughts in one column

Whenever I get into my weekly routine of writing this column, I always find it difficult to write about one thing.

Corruption vs. extortion

Hence, extortion is a political problem and while corruption is legal. Extortion is an evidence of power imbalance, emergence of a ruling class, and a result of fear of authorities, writes Yared Haile-Meskel.

Congratulating president-elect Donald Trump

Europe should remain as Europe and America must remain as America. NATO must be dissolved just like the Warsaw Pact.

The secret of Dubai’s success

Dubai has done a good job of branding itself to attract the foreign investment and labor needed to achieve its growth ambitions.