Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Destroying and building, all at the same time

I remember the first time I ever saw a border between two countries. I was visiting the Danakil depression and we were driving and there were nothing but land.

Giving something back to the client

Gift giving has been the culture of the human race for thousands of years. It might even pre-date civilization and goes all the way back to the origin of human kind.

Legal Basis for the Conflict Resolution: Century-Old Dead Documents and Forgeries vs. UN Resolutions

Following the Russian annexation, there was neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus. Migrations rendered the entire territory ethnically mixed.

Managing debt in an overleveraged world

If the debt is financing growth-promoting investment, it may be a very good idea. If, however, it is financing “current operations” and raising short-term aggregate demand, it is highly risky, writes Michael Spence.

The right time for climate action

There is never likely to be a perfect moment for introducing new climate policies, but long-term problems require policies that send long-term signals.

NATO on the backyards of Russia

To ensure lasting peace, the US and NATO must end their missions and US soldiers must go back home from all parts of the world.

The promise of e-procurement

The international community has time and again reaffirmed its intent to stamp out corruption, most recently last year, when the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals.

Red Cross collects 60 mln birr for drought relief

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) said it has achieved 50 percent of the 123 million birr it has targeted to collect towards drought assistance effort currently underway in Ethiopia.

Ending Malaria in Ethiopia: Progress Made but Job Not Done

The US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) continues to be a key partner in the fight against the disease. PMI supports 19 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia, writes Patricia M. Haslach

Taking sides in the war within Islam

Appeasement of radicalism only encourages more radicalism. As a consequence, Europe finds itself in an undeclared state of intellectual emergency, one that, regrettably, has given rise to the states of emergency that our governments proclaim in the wake of terrorist attacks, writes Bernard-Henri Lévy.


Khat exporters in trouble, $ 21 million export earnings lost

32 exporters accused of mishandling $21 million The licenses of...

Damage to Galafi Route in Djibouti impedes logistics services

The activities of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service...

A home away from home

As Rastafari around the world join Ethiopia in commemorating the 1896 victory at the Battle of Adwa, the repatriated community in Shashemene received news that the government is now ready to begin the process of granting permanent residence to those with valid passports

New central bank’s governor reveals priorities to get economy back on feet

The newly appointed National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) governor,...