Saturday, February 24, 2024

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City Cup postponed indefinitely

Addis Ababa City Cup has been put on hold till further notice, the organizers have confirmed.

Gov’t to closely monitor Ethiopian topflight league

The Government of Ethiopia will have an extra eye in and around stadiums during league matches, as a precautionary measure against potential anti-government protests, during this period of state of emergency.

Ethiopia’s textile industry, stitch by stitch

High-profile European and American retailers are increasingly looking to East African countries, in particular Ethiopia, for garment manufacturing.

From questions to resolutions

There are many names given to this generation of young people. Some call us millennial, others generation Y. This generally refers to the group of people born in the 1980s, or end of 1970s up until end of 1990s.

The West on the brink

The presidencies of Donald Trump in the US and Marine Le Pen in France, together with a rightward shift in Germany that removes Chancellor Angela Merkel, could render the Western world unrecognizable.

Who should lead international institutions?

At a time when global cooperation is being undermined by conflicts of interest among traditional and rising powers, the question of who leads the international institutions is more important than ever.

Direct democracy strikes again

In June, UK voters decided to take their country out of the EU, and now a narrow majority of Colombians have rejected a peace agreement with the FARC guerillas to end a half-century-long war.

When globalization eats its young

Market economies cannot operate when their established rules are haphazardly enforced, which is what happens when national and international regulators turn into advocates for local enterprises and enemies of foreign businesses, writes Harold James.

The holy grail of future work

As technology, globalization, and many other factors continue to redefine work, one constant will be the need for soft skills, or “skills for life.”

“Liberator” turned state captor?

To liberate the country from the existing state captors, resetting the political and socio-economic landscape is a necessary step towards a meaningful change of Ethiopia’s political life.