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The wınd of unıty and solıdarıty

Currently, Turkey is combatting multiple terrorist organizations simultaneously. FETO could not achieve bringing turmoil to Turkey and hit the wall of our nation’s resolve.

A bilingual federal government for national cohesion

Bilingualism helps the federal government achieve many of the objectives that the Constitution sets.

Ethiopia Coffee FC appoints Vučićević as coach

Addis Ababa outfits Ethiopia coffee have appointed Serbian Nebojša as the new head coach. Ethiopia Coffee has announced they have secured the signing of the Serb on the club’s official website.

The female character

I have always enjoyed listening to the radio, especially Amharic radio. I find the storytelling, discussions and overall delivery of information to be very interesting.

Trump’s pro-ISIS foreign policy

By comparing the fight against ISIS to the struggle against the Soviet Union, Trump elevates the terrorist organization to the status of a great power.

Press freedom isn’t free

According to Freedom House, 2015 was the worst year for press freedom in over a decade, with only 13 percent of the world's population living in countries with a genuinely free press.

The education roadmap to 2030

The fourth UN Sustainable Development Goal for 2030 calls for all children worldwide to have access to quality education.

A priority for the next WHO chief: A global treaty on the right to health

The right to health, an obligation contained in treaties that Ethiopia has ratified and in the national constitutions of many of our African neighbors, is a founding constitutional principle of the WHO, write Dereje Moges and Mayowa Joel.

Vaccines for an aging population

Population aging has stoked fear that the burden on government budgets, health-care systems, and economies will become untenable.

Counting Africa’s invisible workers

Africa boasts a large and creative labor pool, buttressed by a youth population that is expected to double, to over 830 million, by 2050. But African governments confront a serious problem: they do not know how many people they are dealing with, where they live, or how they earn a living, writes Carl Manlan.