Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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The state of the US

Modern media tend to make things worse. Ours is an age of “narrowcasting,” not broadcasting. People increasingly tune in to cable channels or websites that reinforce their views and ideologies. Little of this is reassuring.

When things fall apart

It is obvious that new technology and the integration of billions of additional workers into global markets have created opportunities that should mean greater prosperity in the decades ahead than before the crisis, Anatole Kaletsky.

The debate about debating Islam

It is not uncommon today for political analysts to contort their arguments in order to avoid being denounced as Islamophobic.

Do we have time to relax on risk management?

If the guidelines set by the regulatory body are disregarded, financial institutions will come up with fictitious reports at the expense of shareholders, argues Assegid Gebremedhin.

Our collective brain

Humans, more than any other animal, have evolved the ability to learn from each other.

Silicon Valley, so far yet so close!

I'm in Silicon Valley this week, the heart of tech innovation as we know it today. It is quite the trip to get here but almost all of the technology related innovations since the 1990’s stem from this place. 

Back to disease-fighting basics

Groundbreaking technological solutions will be important in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, but they will not be enough. T

Entrepreneurship as a diplomatic tool

Entrepreneurship has become a catalyst for progress in resolving conflict worldwide.

The soulful singer

Wayna, born Woyneab Wondwessen, is an Ethiopian-born singer and song writer. She left Ethiopia with her mother at a young age and grew up in the  US.

How autopsies can save children’s lives

In the regions with the highest child mortality rates, we know that infectious diseases cause the most deaths, but we do not know which ones.


Kenya’s GMO plans disrupted, but Ethiopia pushes forward with testing

The Kenyan government's move to import Genetically Modified Organisms...

Ethiopian $50m E-commerce to deliver global goods to African doorsteps

Ethiopian Airlines Group is set to launch a cutting-edge...

Mass protests erupt over mosque demolitions

- Two deaths were reported   - Thirty-seven police personnel...

Nurturing promising female athletes in a town of runners

Fetiya Abdi began her athletic career at age 14....