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Fieldwork @ Tiwani Contemporary London

Robel Temesgen and Ethio-British artist Theo Eshetu will showcase their artworks in Tiwani Contemporary London from January 12- February 25. The exhibition is entitled Fieldwork.

The five lessons of populist rule

Populists know how to win elections, but their conception of democracy extends no further. On the contrary, populists view minority rights, separation of government powers, and independent media – all staples of liberalism – as an attack on majority rule, and therefore on democracy itself, writes Sławomir Sierakowski.

Can the EU survive populism?

Democratically elected governments and parliaments install EU leaders and bureaucrats (and independent judges) precisely to place limits on the majority of the moment and future governments.

Olympics come early through sport for tomorrow

By Elyse Wurm For two weeks every four years, athletes of every culture, colour and creed descend on a single city to battle for sporting glory. Carrying the hope of their home nations on their shoulders, they attempt to run the fastest, jump the highest, throw the furthest and achieve other superhuman feats to mark their place in history.

An introspective beginning of 2017

The political landscape in the world seems to be going through some sort of shift. Popular movements or shall I say populist movements, movement of the disenfranchised, student movements, all seeking “equality” or “freedom” from oppression.

Economists versus the economy

What unites the great economists, and many other good ones, is a broad education and outlook. This gives them access to many different ways of understanding the economy.

The promise of digital health

The digital age offers enormous opportunities to innovate and improve the way health care is delivered in poor countries.

Was 2016 the best year ever?

Contrary to popular opinion, the world is not going to hell in a handbasket. While there are plenty of problems that still need to be addressed, they are often not the ones that are keeping us up at night, writes Bjørn Lomborg.

The plant-based solution to hunger

As the global north's industrial agriculture model expands into the global south, it is destroying ecosystems, reducing biodiversity, and expropriating the land that one-third of the world’s people still rely on for their livelihoods.

How to help the African dust bowl

As agricultural science in Africa moves forward, governments must ensure that farmers can make the best use of new innovations.