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Empty promises and dead children

If governments are sincere about delivering on the SDGs’ promise on child mortality, they must get serious about ensuring equity in health care.

The politics of ange

The appeal of populists is that they give voice to the anger of the excluded. They offer a grand narrative as well as concrete, if misleading and often dangerous, solutions, writes Dani Rodrik.

Trusting technology

Yesterday I arrived to a meeting eight hours late. Yes, I did say 8 hours late. I know, you are probably thinking that I have taken the whole arriving on “Ethiopian time” to a whole other level.

Raising African consciousness

Ethiopian playwright and novelist Abé Gubegna served as a prominent voice against human injustice throughout the 1960s and 70s. To date, he still stands...

From “cradle of mankind” to “spare parts” of mankind?

Out of the 54 African countries eleven African countries transplant organs from donor to patients.

The global economy’s stealth resilience

The distinct failure to agree on monetary and fiscal policy seems highly dangerous.

Is the perfect storm over for markets?

The more frequent the bouts of financial volatility in the months to come, the greater the risk that it will lead consumers to become more cautious about spending, and prompt companies to postpone even more of their investment in new plant and equipment, argues Mohamed A. El-Erian

Speaking from the heart: What I want for my city

The City Administration should also work towards celebrating the Oromo culture and heroes and heroines using its urban spaces, including the streets (many of which are in fact nameless), squares, plazas, public buildings and the like, argues Selam Yibeltal.

Ever Closer Union or Common Market?

Like the British, many Continental Europeans are asking whether transnational regulation by Brussels-based institutions and a political union are actually necessary.

China’s illusory global leadership

China has made good on less than 10 percent of its multi-billion-dollar promises.