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Mobile tech could expand equitable access in Ethiopia’s financial services

While financial inclusion is growing in Ethiopia, gaps remain based on gender, income and education, yet 51 percent of the unbanked cite not owning a mobile phone as a key barrier, showing that government programs to increase mobile network coverage and promote mobile money accounts could enable more equitable access to financial services.

Emerging market economies bear the brunt of a stronger dollar

Research shows that a strengthening US dollar hurts emerging markets disproportionately, with economic output shrinking up to 1.9 percent after a 10 percetn appreciation, though flexible exchange rates, anchored inflation expectations, global safety nets and capital controls can help mitigate spillovers for vulnerable economies.

A new energy pact for Africa

Renewable energy will unlock Africa's potential - providing access to millions, jobs for the rising population, and helping tackle climate change. But investment is needed to turn abundant solar and wind resources into a prosperous clean energy future #NewEnergyPact.

Weak global economy, high inflation demand strong G20 action

As global challenges multiply, international cooperation remains key to getting all countries back on a path to stability and prosperity. The G20 has a critical part to play by ensuring the IMF has the resources and representation needed.

AGOA’s mixed African harvest

AGOA has helped boost African exports to the US, but utilization rates vary wildly from two percent to 99 percent among beneficiary countries. Developing a national utilization strategy helps reduce policy confusion and bottlenecks, raising exports for countries like Ethiopia and Botswana.

Remedies in regulation: Africa’s climate prescription

Africa holds the solutions to propel a green global economy, but tailored regulations are needed to maximize the continent's potential and transition from carbon sink to climate champion.

Africa’s Ukraine-Russia mediation needed a clearer AU footprint

Food, fertilizer and fuel are among the reasons Africa needs the Russia-Ukraine war to end quickly. With Africa becoming an arena for geopolitical competition,...

Global initiative, local impact: How BRI transformed Ethiopia’s transport troubles

Though there is some criticism of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), it undeniably played an important role in Ethiopia's railway history. When the...

Through ink and pen, can writers guide Ethiopia’s future?

Will today's authors follow Bealu Girma’s lead?  Amidst a time of unprecedented crisis and monumental transition, Ethiopian writers bear responsibilities that go beyond traditional literary...

From the skies to the shadows: The enigmatic journey of Misha Babichev

Ivan Babichev was a Russian traveler who journeyed to Ethiopia during the reign of Emperor Menelik in the early 1890s. Little is known about...