Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Dereje Tegenaw

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Dedebit FC in a midst of a financial storm

Compelled by persistent financial problems, Dedebit FC has announced today that it going to make some serious cuts in the club’s expenses including players’...

EFF elects new president

The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has elected Essayas Jira as its new president in an election held in Semera, Afar Regional State, today. Essayas garnered...

FIFA urges EFF to hold electorate committee reelection

The international football administration body FIFA has ordered the Ethiopian Football Federation to hold a reelection of the electorate committee which will screen candidates...

EFF extends presidential election by one month

The presidential election of the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has been extended by one month because of the objection from representatives of the Amhara and the Oromia regional states.

Federation sacks the embattled Walias coaching staff

The Ethiopian Football Federation has sacked head coach of the Walias, Yoahannes Sahle, and his entire technical staff including Fasil Tekalign and Ali Redi, The Reporterhas learnt.


“Massive” cyber attack crashes African Union’s system

Cyber attackers prey on the African Union, resulting in...

Finance minister reveals USD 20 billion required for war recovery

Portion of the finance needed for rehabilitation of 250,000...

“We are buffer zone for Ethiopia”

Essa Kayd Mohamoud is the foreign minister of Somaliland,...

Tigray leaders prepare to negotiate power sharing with federal gov’t

Leaders of the Tigray regional state are ramping up...