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KEFI gold ready for mine construction

KEFI Gold and Copper plans to begin construction of its Tulu Kapi gold mine project early next year after resolving financing issues with the Ethiopian government. It will relocate nearly 360 households from its mine site in western Ethiopia, marking the start of construction.


Mamo Mihretu, Central Bank Governor, admits citizens face a rising cost of living crisis, saying "inflation has risen sharply" for essentials like fuel, food and fertilizer. Bringing down prices will be the bank's top priority.

Ethio Telecom CEO’s comments on rural access spark feud with regulator

Ethio telecom’s CEO Frehiwot Tamiru argues it's not their job to provide remote coverage. "The regulator should fund expansion using the Universal Access Fund," she says. But regulators disagree, saying telcos have universal access duties.

Ethio telecom’s profit grows 109% to 18.7b br in last fiscal year

Ethio telecom has seen its unaudited profit grow by 109 percent to reach 18.7 billion birr in the last fiscal year, according to the...

Ethiopia lowers coffee export target after revenue miss

Ethiopia's coffee export revenues fell short this fiscal year, coming in at USD 1.33 billion instead of the hoped-for two billion dollars. High domestic coffee prices, unfavorable exchange rates and volatile global markets contributed to the shortfall, prompting authorities to lower export targets for the new budget cycle.

CBE’s digital transactions surpass tellers for 1st time

Financial transactions conducted through Commercial Bank of Ethiopia's (CBE) digital channels have surpassed those via tellers, accounting for 64 percent of the total as...

Ethiopia’s growing appetite meets farmers’ diminishing yields

Food security is under threat in Ethiopia as cereal yield growth slows even as the population continues to rise rapidly, a new report finds. Ethiopia...

Wingu’s data web to grow beyond Addis

Internet exchange host Wingu Africa plans to expand its data center network beyond the ICT Park, eyeing locations like Bahir Dar and Adama. Wingu Group...

Central bank vice governor downplays liquidity shortage concerns

- Industry insiders question official stance on cash shortage The Vice Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, Solomon Desta, has downplayed concerns over a...

Corporation in talks to assembly Czech tractors locally

One of the subsidiaries of the newly formed Ethiopian Investment Holdings is considering setting up a factory that would roll out tractor assembly line. The...